Wyze Home Monitoring review: Great savings, gaps to fill

When it comes to making some noise in the smart home space, no one does it better than the late Wyze. The company has been relentless in expanding its portfolio over the past year, which surprisingly now includes vacuums, headphones and fitness trackers. Its latest offering is Wyze Home Monitoring, a 24/7 do-it-yourself home security system that is intended to protect your home when you are there or not.

After a run of hits with its security cameras, Wyze Home Monitoring follows the same strategy of being ultra-affordable. At $5 per month, this is without question the lowest priced subscription, but is there any compromise at such a low price?

covering the basics

Let me break down what comes with the Wyze home monitoring system first. The Core Starter Kit ($90 MSRP) is what you’d expect, a 5-piece kit containing a hub, keypad, motion sensor, and two entry sensors. What’s especially worth noting here is that this starter kit is almost a fraction of the cost of its closest competitors—between $150 and $200—for packages from Ring, SimplySafe, and Blue by ADT.

Wyze Home Monitoring Keypad
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For the price, you’re getting the same basic components as other home security systems, so in that regard, it’s more bang for the buck. However, a deep lineup of accessories is always beneficial when it comes to full coverage of your home. With its existing portfolio, Wyze lacks the depth of accessories offered by its rivals. While you can work on additional motion and penetration sensors into the system for a much lower cost than what your competitors are offering ($20 for three entry sensors and $8 for a motion sensor), it’s still a good fit for the width of your luggage. Doesn’t come close, will get anywhere else.

Still, if you’re worried about someone potentially breaking into your home, slapping on additional sensors will help provide some peace of mind. While outdoor hazards are paramount, Wyze will need to add carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and many more accessories to watch for other potential hazards indoors.

Changes needed with experience

Wyze’s inexperience in this area was exposed when I checked its app. Arming and disarming the alarm system can be done either physically with the keypad or through the app, which has options to choose a countdown to give yourself enough time to arm/disarm. There are three main weapon modes: Home, Away, and Disarmed.

This starter kit is almost a fraction of the cost of its closest competitors.

As you’d expect when a system is armed, a loud siren is emitted by the hub whenever a sensor trips. If you have a Wyze security camera, you can set it up to automatically record whenever a sensor trips. For example, if the front door is opened when armed, you can place the Wyze Cam in your living room to start recording. Oddly, the cameras won’t automatically trigger an alarm if motion is detected and if the system is armed – you’ll get an app notification instead.

Even though the basics are well covered here, some additional tweaks are needed before we can compare the major players in this field. Notably, whenever a sensor trips, there’s no way for the hub to emit different sounds—even at home. I personally like it when I am at home, whenever the front door is opened the sound plays. You don’t have that option here.

What’s even more puzzling is that even when it’s set to home mode, the system will sound an alarm and send it to law enforcement. Luckily, I had it in test mode whenever it turned off, but I’d like to see a proper home mode where I can still activate the sensors, but only send me notifications whenever they are (or on the hub play sound) activated. Disarmed mode just disables everything, so there are no notifications or alarms.

24/7 monitoring powered by Noonlight

Wyze Home Monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring through the NunLight that will not only sound an alarm when the sensor trips, but the monitoring service officers will also have emergency responders on standby for emergency situations. Considering that the service costs $5 per month or $60 annually, it undercuts most of the other home security systems.

Wyze Home Monitoring Hub
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However, when it comes to security, there are still some shortcomings that will need to be addressed in the future. Take Wyze Hub for example. I appreciate it being given the option to connect to my home network, wired or wireless, as well as its own battery backup in case the power goes out, but it would be useless without an active internet connection at home is. Other systems like SimplySafe and Ring’s base stations have built-in cellular connectivity as a backup. In case of Wyze, no internet connection means there is a difference in coverage.

our take

It’s a good start, but it certainly needs a lot of work before Wyze Home Monitoring can provide the same sound, full home security service that its competitors offer. Notably, its accessories portfolio doesn’t make it as robust and the experience requires additional tweaks and enhancements. However, the cost is hard to ignore because you won’t get anything else. far cheaper.

How long will it last?

All components of the system are constructed from plastic. That’s adequate, but the design and build quality is clearly a step behind you from names like SimplySafe and Ring. there is one year limited warranty Which covers hardware components for faults.

Is there a better option?

SimplySafe and Ring offer two of the most complete DIY home security systems on the market. Ring has one of the deepest rosters for accessories specifically designed to cover your home inside and out, while SimplySafe offers impeccable service that goes above and beyond the others – like verifying real hazards Ability to access a service dispatcher camera for

should you buy it?

Yes, but only if you’re in a pinch when it comes to cost. I think it will get better over time as more accessories become available and the experience enhances.

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