Riot Games just surprise-launched a League of Legends RPG and rhythm game

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Ruined King, announced in 2019 as the first game to be published under the Riot Forge label, is out today—and so is the recently announced rhythm runner Hextec Mayhem.

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Set in two areas of Rantera—the Shadow Isles and the port city of Bilgwater—the doomed king will team up with a party of League of Legends characters including Miss Fortune, Eloi, Broome, Yasuo, Ahri and Pyke, who must work together. should do. To fight the destruction of the doomed king. The game features an isometric overworld, while combat is a static, turn-based affair, with characters having powers similar to those in LoL.

Unlike the doomed king, Hextec Mayhem was revealed to the world only last week. From the developers of the Bit.Trip Runner series, it features zigs, lovable trash goblins, jumping, sliding and bombing to beat as he auto-runs through a LoL-inspired game world. As we noted when it was announced, the concept is simple but the challenge of hitting your marks while in rhythm quickly adds up.


Available at Ruin King Steam, gog, And this epic games store for $30 and also coming to GOG (but not currently listed there) while Hextech Mayhem is at the same storefront (Steam, gog, And Epic) for $10. Anyone who purchases Ruined King within the first 30 days of release will also receive a Manmade Sword as an in-game weapon for Yasuo. Get more information And—you guessed it—,

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