Psyonix has unveiled its plans for rocket leagueHalloween 2021 event. rocket leagueThe latest Haunted Hallows event starting October 14th, the “Soccer with Cars” game is bringing back some classic cars as well as some new limited-time themed events that are all based on a particular comic book hero.

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rocket league Halloween is no stranger to celebrations, and its annual Haunted Hallows is a limited-time event. This time in collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to craft their game into a multitude of Batman-themed items and modes that can be collected throughout the duration of the event.


NS rocket league The Haunted Hallows event will provide challenges for players who will unlock some of the clowns and “best of Gotham” decals, Supervillain-style gadgets like Mr. Freeze wheels, Harley Quinn wheels and toppers, Poison Ivy themed elevators, and more. rocket league also made a new one The rumble which is all drawn in Gotham style and the power-ups are now Batman themed. This allows restyling fans to use Poison Ivy vines (replacing the mode’s grappling hook), the Joker’s boxing glove, Mr. Freeze’s freezer shot, and Harley’s signature hammer (which swaps for a boot). rocket league There’s also a brand new, limited-time, arena getting in the form of a Gotham Evening variant for Beckwith Park, which has been hijacked by Gotham’s supervillains.

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anyone who signs in during rocket league Can claim the Haunted Hallows event for free dark night Player title as a login reward. But all these iconic Gotham offerings will disappear in the night after November 1.

for theme rocket league Automobiles, fans can look forward to the game that brought back the classic Batmobile through the 1989 film, dark Knightof Tumblr, and the Batmobile from the 2016 film are all in store. Three “Bat Sign” target explosions that show a Bat Signal image from the same three eras will also be attainable. All of the Batmobile and target blast functions in the Batman Halloween Bundle, which fans can grab for 2,000 credits.

However, if players already own a Batmobile, each decal will be available for 300 credits. Three Bat-signal target explosions will also be available individually for 500 credits each.

rocket leagueThe Haunted Hallows event will go live from October 14 and will run through November 1. rocket league Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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