At the latest Nintendo Direct event, it was announced that Nintendo 64 games are finally making their way Nintendo Switch Online The subscription service, through its new expansion packs, stands alongside the existing NES and SNES titles that are already available. The first batch of Nintendo 64 games is coming to Nintendo Switch Online at some point in late October, though Nintendo has yet to share specifics when fans can expect the game and how much the pricey Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack will cost. Will happen.

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While Nintendo hasn’t yet revealed how much the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will cost or when Nintendo 64 games will make their debut, it did confirm an initial wave of games. Getting things started with nine Nintendo 64 games. In form of Doctor. Mario 64handjob mario kart 64handjob mario tennishandjob sin and punishmenthandjob star fox 64handjob super mario 64handjob The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timehandjob Winback: Covert Operations, And Yoshi’s story. Although Nintendo also has more Nintendo 64 games in its Switch Online expansion pack pipeline.


Nintendo has confirmed seven more Nintendo 64 games are coming to Switch Online expansion packs at a later date, including the titles: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask And pokemon snap. However, one of the more interesting titles coming later in the Switch Online expansion pack is Xbox-owned Banjo-Kazooie, and as it turns out, it may not be the only Xbox-owned, rare-developed Nintendo 64 game to come to the service.

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Industry insider Shpeshal_Nick shared a screenshot of a message that claims to be not only owned by Xbox perfect dark Nintendo Switch Online is coming in expansion packs, but it’s coming before 2022. that would be a big surprise perfect dark The latter was not included in the list of upcoming Nintendo 64 games in the Switch Online expansion pack, and this could be a sign that a second wave of games will arrive sooner than expected.

Nintendo isn’t quite as consistent as its competitors when it comes to adding free games to its online service. New NES and SNES games will occasionally arrive online for Switch, though it’s unclear how often Nintendo will add more N64 games to the service. New titles may arrive on a month to month basis, or Nintendo will release them in batches like it is doing with the initial batch of Nintendo 64 Switch Online expansion pack games.

Shpeshal_Nick has proven to be a reliable source of insider information in the past, but fans should still take these news with some skepticism. it’s totally possible perfect dark Nintendo Switch Online will be coming at some point, especially since Banjo-Kazooie Already confirmed for the service, but it would be better to keep one’s hopes in check for now.

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