killer instinct There is a curious franchise. The height of its popularity peaked in the mid-90s when violent arcade fighters were in high demand. It then disappeared for more than 15 years, being revived by Microsoft for the Xbox One. The brand seemed strong, but killer instinct It never got the footing needed for modern success. Rumors are now on the rise of a new killer instinct in development. But some would have predicted that Bandai Namco’s name would be associated with the project.

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The rumor comes from Windows Central and, to be clear, has been described as “the obscurity of unfounded rumours.” Reportedly, one of Bandai Namco’s fighting game development teams may be involved in creating a new killer instinct Games for Microsoft. Rumor has it that an Xbox representative previously stated that it was “difficult” to find a team with experience in the game. Bandai Namco certainly has that experience, and has shown super smash bros ultimate That he is willing to work with the partners’ IPs.


super smash bros ultimate However, this is not the only game that Bandai Namco has developed. The company has many different licensed fighting games. Bandai Namco is responsible for this tekken And soul Calibur franchise, as well as working with Dimps, Cyberconnect, and ArcSystemWorks on anime fighters like dragon ball xenoverse 2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, And Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco may support the development of a new killer instinct in various ways.

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killer instinct splash art

While Bandai Namco’s participation is a new killer instinct The project may be unreliable, the general rumor surrounding the existence of a new killer instinct The game appears to be getting better. Rumormonger and XboxEra podcaster Shpeshal_Nick recently claimed to have heard about the project. It has been described as a reboot, which is understandable considering the amount of time since its 2013 release for Xbox One.

Rumors or not, it will come as no surprise for Microsoft to try and resurrect killer instinct, The PlayStation platform has acquired some significant fighting game exclusives in recent years, with Street Fighter 5 being the most prominent. PlayStation also bought the EVO Championship Series, a major fighting game tournament. More than anything, the goal is simply to make sure there’s something for the fighting game community that can only be found on Xbox.

when for killer instinct Fans can expect to hear more details about Microsoft’s rumored plans for a new game, potentially developed by Bandai Namco, that’s anyone’s guess. It may be an announcement for 2022, or it may still be years before word is shared. Of course, the rumor can also be unreliable. all fans can wait and hope killer instinct Will be coming back soon.

killer instinct Rumored to be in development for the Xbox platform.

Source: Windows Central

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