Despite the fact that there is a global shortage, the tech and gaming industry is struggling to get new products into the hands of customers, companies such as NVIDIA Still trying to stay on top of the market by putting out hardware. Recently, a rumor suggested that the graphics card group was getting ready to move to the next GPU generation. Now, another rumor is circulating, which says that it may be basically the opposite.

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A recent report says that, while losses are rising, Nvidia may be about to reintroduce an older graphics card, but one that will be geared towards more modern gaming. As per the rumours, the company may bring back the RTX 2060, which was originally launched in January 2019, with the Super iteration releasing a few months later.


Nvidia already announced its 2060 restart in January, but it looks like a significant improvement will be in the cards this time around. Notably, the report claims that more memory will be given to make this version more suitable for games of this generation. The original RTX 2060 had 6GB of RAM, whereas, if the rumors are at least true, this reintroduced version will have 12GB of GDDR6 instead. The company has reportedly already informed the board about its plans to bring back this card, and said it could be out by January 2022.

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Of course, at this stage it’s worth saying that Nvidia has not confirmed nor denied any of these speculations. Although the company’s own CEO believes the tech shortage could last for most of next year, it makes sense that older technology would make a comeback. While gamers and PC enthusiasts are struggling to catch up on any Nvidia 30 series, or AMD equivalent, bringing back the RTX 2060 with double VRAM could help plug the gap for now.

This is also not the first time that there has been speculation about the old hardware being reintroduced in the market. Back in July, MSI was looking to relaunch the GT 730, a graphics card that’s seven years old at the moment. On top of global deficit issues, AMD and . Both NVIDIA Now the GPU arms race is up against a third competition. With Intel recently announcing its up-and-coming series of cards, the market is likely to be flooded with hardware options, with its first model due sometime next year. Let’s just hope people are able to catch any of this, old and new.

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