Original overwatch Rely on loot boxes for your monetization. while all overwatch The characters, maps and game modes are free, with fans encouraged to spend real money buying loot boxes to unlock all the cosmetics they want. in the years after overwatchHowever, loot boxes have become highly controversial and have been heavily criticized, where it is possible that overwatch 2 can wipe them out completely.

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Blizzard hasn’t indicated whether or not this is the case, but a recent tweet from German overwatch The Twitter account has pointed in the same direction. As discovered by Dexerto, overwatch 2 Germany is rated for players 12 and over, while the first overwatch The game is rated for players 16 and over. This low age rating may very well indicate that overwatch 2 The loot boxes are getting rid of them, as their inclusion will almost certainly make the game rated for players 16 and older.


Again, nothing has been officially announced, and so fans should keep that in mind. also possible overwatch 2 The loot box will be area specific. Players in Germany probably won’t have loot boxes to unlock overwatch 2 Cosmetics, but loot boxes were better tolerated in the US and other countries, may still have them. Blizzard hasn’t revealed much about it overwatch 2Progress and rewards at the time of this writing, but don’t be surprised to see the sequel take the distance from the loot boxes.

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if overwatch 2 Drops the loot box, there are many other ways it can monetize itself. for example, overwatch 2 can take fortnite Approach and sell skins outright in the item shop. overwatch Loot boxes technically allow players to get almost all skins in the game for free if they play enough and are lucky, such a change is likely to annoy some players, although others may be given loot boxes. Would be happy to get rid of the boxes.

In addition to implementing item shops like most live service games nowadays, overwatch 2 One might consider the war to be near. also popular by fortnite, Battle Passes are commonly found in battle royale games, but have also been found in other types of games. It looks like combining these systems will probably be the most consumer-friendly method. overwatch 2 to monetize themselves, but fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

NS overwatch 2 The release date is rumored to be coming next year, so fans should find out more about the progress of the game and the rewards in the coming months.

overwatch 2 is in development.

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