Pokémon Trainers are now almost a month away from revisiting the Sinoh area as Nintendo brings pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl to switch. Developed by ILCA, the game was originally announced back in February as part of the 25th Pokémon Anniversary Celebration. The biggest change moving forward from the original Nintendo DS game is the visual overhaul, which gives a chibi-style look to the overworld, with normal-sized characters fighting during battles.

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While the gameplay looks similar to what fans remember about the classic game, there are a few other changes coming to the game with many adding quality of life updates. One of the big ones is a completely redesigned Underground area, as well as allowing players to use HMs acquired through wild Pokémon. Now, another rumor has begun to circulate, indicating another major change from the original games regarding the old daycare system.


On the PokeLeaks subReddit, a user named AzureRojka posed on the main diamond and pearl The website may have extended its hand regarding the daycare system. On a page discussing how to evolve the legendary water-type Pokémon Manaphy, the page indicates that players can check out Manaphy and Ditto at the Pokemon Nursery in Solaceion Town to find eggs. Adding that egg to the player’s party will eventually turn him into a Phion.

The surprising element of this information is the mention of a nursery in Solesian Town as its origin. pokemon diamond and pearl A daycare was featured in the game on the Nintendo DS. In terms of gameplay, the nursery is primarily used for breeding Pokemon, while the daycare can take the Pokemon left by the player to strengthen them while producing eggs. As players noted in the comments, several updates to Life appear to modernize the game to Generation 8 standards. As most fans point out in the formula, this appears to be a welcome change.

As players saw in September, the game’s original Amity Square has also undergone some major changes. Originally a small park found at the end of Hartholm City that houses collectibles and accessories, brilliant diamond And shining pearl Expand Amity Square. More Pokémon will be allowed to follow the player with a new photo and video mode that can be used to create custom media such as screenshots. In addition, there is a Poffin Maker that allows players to bake with Pokémon for higher levels of food and improve friendships. Better friendliness gives players an easier time to prepare for competitions.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Will release on November 19, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

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