One leak has released datamind information from the next pokemon go Update, which suggests that new ads may be added to the game. although s were already in pokemon goThese new ads can be intrusive pop-ups that clutter the users’ screens.

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The leak, which originated from the Twitter account Pokeminers, released ads for other new properties as well. pokemon go, As per the tweet, the ad properties are for all google admob popups. These ads are common pop-up ads found in most mobile games, and if compatible with other games, will appear repeatedly and randomly on players’ screens.


Twitter users’ reactions to the idea of ​​intrusive ads differed pokemon go, and the comments section below Pokeminers’ tweets was quickly overtaken by users airing opinions and frustrations. Many users complained that the game was already monetized enough and didn’t require any further advertising. Others said they would uninstall or quit the game if ads were added to the game. Some users feared that these assets were leading to the addition of video and subscription-based services. Some users wondered how intrusive these ads would be, and hoped that the ads would provide an alternative benefit. pokemon go Players can ignore.

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Up until this point, players were happy with pokemon go Handled S. Many in-games provided cosmetic items for players, such as branded clothing, sponsored Poke-Stops, and advertising balloons. The difference between these and leaked ads is that currently in-game ads are not intrusive and, in the case of Poke-Stops and ad balloons, reward players for interacting with them.

If these new intrusive ads are like other ads in the game, if added, they will be able to catch or fight pokemon go A much more tedious playing experience and reducing the immersion for the players. Imagine a player walking into his local park, ready to catch a Pokémon, only to accidentally press a pop-up for a different game than to throw a Pokeball. Games with these intrusive ads weave them into the gameplay as much as possible, and if added, there will likely be ads on startup, between battles, and inside game menus.

However, this is data information, and there is a chance that these ads will not be added to the game. It is possible that the information is false or inaccurate, which would mean that the players’ anger is unfounded. If these ads are confirmed to be added later, there is also the possibility that NianticMILF the developer pokemon go, will back down from their decision if enough players oppose their decision, but only time will tell in which direction the future goes pokemon go will be taken in

pokemon go Now available on mobile devices.

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