the last of us‘ The most recent rumor, shared with noted leaker and freelance writer Tom Henderson, was about its possible remake and how it “almost ended” with a possible release this year. Henderson once again declined to disclose any sources, although he managed to find something related to the last of us In a PlayStation graphic during Sony’s CES 2022 press conference.

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Motion graphic shows what looks like remastered productions of Joel and Ellie could very well end the last of us‘ Proposed remake treatment. However, the Henderson rumors haven’t stopped. the last of us‘ Possible remake. Henderson has since added to the leak of this rumor with more details and information that is sure to excite Naughty Dog and the last of us fan.


Henderson has since briefly mentioned the possibility of the last of us‘ Faction with multiplayer mode TeaThat Last of Us 2: Director’s Cut, the return of the last of us‘ Multiplayer has been suppressed for some time in development, although it has been officially announced. Rather, a the director‘s cut The information is relatively new, if true, and has not received any official confirmation. However, when Faction releases it is possible that it may be packed with a capability Last of Us 2: director’s Cut,

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With several unannounced Naughty Dog game projects in the works, it’s understandable whether these rumors actually turn out to be confirmed leaks, or if there’s actually an official announcement made this year. Of course, until such announcements are made, rumors and speculated leaks should be taken lightly. Henderson admits that the information is light on both factions and a the directorcut of For the last 2 of us, and his notion of when he might be released is entirely speculative.

Henderson believes these remastered and repackaged titles to “drum up the hype” the last of us‘ HBO TV series. But Naughty Dog’s latest, the Unknown: Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection, it could also be a fair sign that these titles will fall in the same ballpark. Unknown: Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection Offers remastered versions of Unknown 4: A Thief’s End And Unknown: The Lost Legacy on PlayStation 5.

So, if Sony wants to cash in more on the success of the Naughty Dog franchise, a remake is the treatment for it. the last of us And a director’s Cut For the last 2 of us Doesn’t seem completely out of the realm of possibility. All information regarding such titles is only rumor at the moment, although more details may be shared this year if the rumors are to be believed.

The Last of Us 2: Director’s Cut Rumored to be in development.

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