xbox game pass It has been an incredible success for Microsoft since its launch a few years ago. Although its growth has not been explosive, it has been consistent. 2021 could be the banner year even Xbox has strived for. After reporting an exciting 18 million subscribers earlier this year, E3 2021 marks a turnaround. An insider is now reporting that Xbox Game Pass has climbed between 25 and 30 million subscribers since Xbox’s last official report.

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The report comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who recently spoke on the topic as part of the Xbox Two podcast. Corden says he “heard” that Xbox Game Pass subscription numbers have climbed between 25 and 30 million. When questioned on the matter by his co-host, who says the number should be above 20, at least, the cordon counters. He says the number is closer to 30 compared to 20.


Since Corden doesn’t provide any details about its source, it’s unclear whether this updated Xbox Game Pass subscriber number is reliable. Without further confirmation or corroborating evidence, it’s best to treat Corden’s reported total as a rumor.

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With that said, Corden’s number comes at an interesting time. A recent podcast featuring Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed a similar number. Zelnick said in a complimentary and teasing way that Xbox Game Pass subscribers had about 30 million. After Spencer corrected him, saying that the last official publicly shared number was 18 million, Zelnick said subscribers were much higher than they are now.

After Game Rant reported on Zelnick’s comments to Spencer, an Xbox spokesperson offered an official statement on the subject. That statement echoed Spencer’s response, as well as the official announcement from Xbox earlier this year. It said, “Xbox Game Pass has over 18 million members as of January 2021.” In other words, Xbox hasn’t made an official statement on Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers since earlier this year and hasn’t been willing to provide updated numbers in response to recent rumors and speculation.

If the rumor is true, that means Xbox Game Pass has garnered at least 7 million or a maximum of 13 million subscribers between January and now. That’s an increase of about 40-70% in nine months, compared to the 18 million it took four years ago to climb. Between January and now, Xbox has wrapped up its acquisition of Bethesda, had a phenomenal E3 2021, and launched Xbox Game Pass for the cloud, along with the continued success of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. It’s an impressive vibe, regardless of the actual xbox game pass membership number.

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