Last week, multiple reports shared the news about Konami’s partnership with developers to release games involving some of the publisher’s biggest brands. Titles including new games in Silent Hill And Castlevania The franchise was reported to be in development, but the most important reveal was A. existed Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater The remake is believed to have been made by developer Virtuos Games. Now, a recently discovered job listing may provide further proof metal gear solid 3 survival of remakes

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Twitter user Faizan Shaikh on Sunday shared a LinkedIn profile for Virtuos chief software engineer Jiang Li, which may contain important information. Listed Lee’s most recent job experience described as “an unannounced 3A action adventure game remake”, in which he led a team of 12 developers working on the project’s game engine. While a game title is never mentioned, metal gear solid 3 The AAA action-adventure game fits the description of the remake.


It is also notable in Lee’s profile that his work on this unannounced AAA game began in October 2018 and not recently. This is in fact somewhat contradictory to previous reports, which emphasized that metal gear solid 3 The remake is currently in early development. It’s still possible for a game to be in development for three years and still be considered “early”, but that could mean it’s a separate project or there’s more to it. metal gear solid 3development is obvious.

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Another detail from the original report on metal gear solid 3The remake is that Konami plans to release smaller remasters of other originals. metal Gear Solid front tiles metal gear solid 3. It is possible that Lee is referring to one of these other projects, for which plans may go further than that. metal gear solid 3 on one’s own.

Finally, the original report for metal gear solid 3The remake is unconfirmed, and Lee’s connection to that rumor is another layer of rumour. for example, metal Gear Solid Fans should probably take these leaks with a grain of salt.

The main issue behind all the rumors related to Konami is that Konami has been cut away from the development of the game not only for metal Gear Solid, but most of its franchises over the years. While it’s absolutely possible (if unlikely) that Konami is trying to resurrect these franchises, it’s also possible that it might change its mind or change direction. Without an official announcement from Konami, it’s best to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism about metal gear solid 3The remake and all the impending Konami rumours.

metal gear solid 3 remake Rumored to be in development.

Source: VGC

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