Saints Row PLAY cover digs into its back to basics reboot

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Issue six, PLAY still feels like a fresh magazine. A lot inside this issue is about that freshness, from reboots like the new Saints, to new takes on the long-established series in Far Cry 6 or Vampire: Masquerade – Swansong, or even the whole Kind of new as we drill into Deathloop and Dokwei. One thing that isn’t new is our continued dedication to bringing you the latest on all things PlayStation, whether it’s the biggest title on your radar, or one that just needs to be!

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Saints Row

After becoming ruler of the universe and conquering Hell, the previous numbered Saints Row series didn’t have much room to grow. So this reboot just makes sense. But don’t take this short blog post’s word for it. Inside PLAY’s cover feature, we dig into the logic behind the reboot, what’s changed, and perhaps most importantly, why it’s still a zany, over-the-top crime sandbox. Desire has a lot to say, and a lot to show, as we’ve seen in the early part of the development gameplay that has us itching to sign up to join the Saints once again. .



From Saints Row’s Santo Ilesso to cartoony, K-pop infused Korea, we talk to Pearl Abyss about the monster collector that’s making the rounds online. Giving us exclusive access to Gamescom’s reappearance, the team discusses everything from the game’s story to big corporations exploiting the natural world, how you’ll deal with mechanized bosses, and the open world What would the search be like? Your DokeV adventure begins here.


But what about games you can get your hands on right now? Our massive Deathloop review lifts the lid on one of your most anticipated games of the year (thanks for sending in all the messages), and we’re happy to say it brings the goods. Arkane has done it again with a game that looks great on new hardware. If there’s a must-play game this year, it’s this.

Vampire: Masquerade – Swansong

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As other vampire games based on the Darkness tabletop world are back in the shadows, we turn the neon spotlight on to Boston, and the Big Bad Wolf takes over the universe. The team behind the under-rated The Council is bringing their expertise in crafting skill-based narrative RPGs to the dark universe. We talk to developers about what to expect. This is the vampire game you are eagerly waiting for.

back 4 blood

From one type of undead to another, we’re whittling down the number of infected in Back 4 Blood, which fills our stacked preview section with insightful impressions. We also give you the low-down on Jet, Hella Bladepoint, Riders Republic, and Martha Is Dead (to name a few). The biggest of the bunch is Far Cry 6, which we spent several hours on. Has the delay been paid? Grab a copy to read our first thoughts.

5th anniversary of overcooked

And where Back 4 Blood’s ‘Zombies’ took the bite, we begin this month’s Retrostation by grabbing one of the overcooked! It’s been five years since the first game launched, and we talk with Ghost Town Games about the journey from the very beginning, until working on the sequel and the enhanced All You Can Eat version on PS5. From there, we also revisit a famous moment from Dead Space 2 as we continue to anticipate the remake of the first game, head back to Ballab Gardens as we take a look at Final Fantasy VIII, and our reenactments. Stylish weights to boot. Opinion (and moreover!) has something for fans of games both new and old.

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