Samsung’s browser is now available for its Wear OS smartwatches

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You can install Samsung Internet Browser on Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

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Samsung is rolling out its Samsung Internet web browser on the new Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 (Via 9to5google) Browsing on the watch doesn’t seem like my ideal way to surf the web for long periods of time, but I could see how it could be useful for short tasks like checking a name or looking up a location.


I don’t have a Galaxy Watch 4, so I can’t give you a practical feel of how the Samsung Internet browser works. but based on 9to5google testOf course, it looks like Samsung has thought up some neat tricks to make it possible to navigate the web on your wrist:

One obvious question about a web browser on your wrist is how that small, circular display can manage to show a full webpage. Samsung’s answer is with gestures. When you navigate to your first webpage a guide will appear that explains how a diagonal swipe from either side of the screen will allow users to reach the corners of the webpage. Meanwhile, a swipe up shows options for bookmarks, “zoom mode” and a shortcut to send the webpage directly to your connected phone.

This new browser just adds to what you can already get with the Galaxy Watch 4 series of smartwatches, which we thought were great — as long as you’re already using a Samsung phone, that is. It should be noted that the browser on smartwatches isn’t new, though; Samsung even has a browser for this Tizen-Based Smartwatch, and even the Apple Watch has built-in browsing capabilities (though there’s no dedicated Apple Watch version of Safari).

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