Samsung’s Eco Remote is cool, but that’s it

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When it comes to electronics—anything with batteries, really—there’s only one thing we need to remember. The less you worry about charging it, the better for everyone. You are going to be happy with the experience. The device in question is going to be better and last longer. (Batteries are, after all, biological devices and will eventually die.) And that means the company producing the product can do so at a slightly lower cost.

samsung echo remote 2022.
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Enter Samsung’s new Echo Remote, which was announced at CES this week. Samsung bills the Echo Remote as a way for customers to “take a literally practical approach to reducing their Echo footprint.” This is partly due to using recycled materials, but also because it uses solar power and what is known as “RF Harvesting”, which is referred to as a “battery-free experience”.

Never mind the fact that there’s definitely some kind of energy storage device – Samsung says as much. What Samsung really means is that it’s not a remote you’ll have to bother charging. Which … ok?


I’ve spent more than my reasonable amount of time on the remote control, especially for so long that’s been awful. Even the most prolific frocks don’t do much to inspire. Roku’s remotes work fine. Once a year or so I may have to swap out the battery. No big deal. The Apple TV finally has a remote control that doesn’t want me to use anything (anything!), and every now and then it asks me to plug it in to charge, which is enough to do. it’s easy. my favorite remote, which is end of life at this point, is years old but only on its second battery.

In other words, have we as a society evolved enough that we just can’t handle charging a remote control for half an hour twice a year? Or swapping out some batteries? It’s not that hard to do.

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We’ll have to wait until we get Samsung’s new Echo remote on hand for some long-term testing before we know if this solar power/RF harvesting thing weighs in on press releases and blogger headlines. is worth. It may well be. If you don’t have to worry about charging the remote, that’s definitely a good thing. On the other hand, if you’re constantly worried about whether you’re going to have to charge the remote because it’s using this new technology from Sun, combined with the same thing, that could potentially cause problematic 5G networks. And could your copper 5G chest protector get in the way – well, we can’t help you there.

Oh, and it comes in white. so he is.

Samsung has probably just made life a little easier with the new Echo Remote. But it’s just that – a little easier. We’ll take what we can get, but we’ll try to put it in context. Even during CES week. Now, Samsung’s upcoming QD-OLED TV? It’s worth crying.

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