China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

A ‘touring group photo’ with the landing platform

China has released new images from its Zurong rover, which began orbiting Mars in late May. One of the pictures is a beautiful selfie of Zurong next to its landing platform. “Touring Group Photo”, as China’s National Space Administration calls it in a blog post, was taken with a small wireless camera that Rover placed on the surface before lined up for the shot like excited parents.

Zurong also took a photo of the landing platform itself, with the rover being lowered onto the ramp, the Chinese flag, and if you look closely to the left of the flag, the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot.

Zurong’s landing platform.
Image: CNSA

There are more pictures in the Twitter thread below, linked here, including a panorama showing the horizon of the Red Planet in the distance beyond the rover, as well as traces on the surface from propellant ejection during landing.

Zurong joined NASA’s persistence on Mars last month (though the rovers are more than a thousand miles apart), making China the second country to land and operate a rover on the planet. It is expected to continue the search for about 90 days, and it will capture more images while analyzing the climate and geology of Mars.

also sent persistence with some own glamor shots In April, though, it used a robotic arm (a selfie stick, if you will) instead of setting up a camera and backing off from it. This is a family photo of both the rover and its smaller helicopter companion, Ingenuity. NASA explains how the selfie was made this blog post with video.

A slightly distorted overall photo with persistence on the right and the smaller Ingenuity copter on the left.  of perseverance

Perseverance and ingenuity in one selfie stitched together from 62 different images.
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

And here is the “face” of perseverance against the calm panorama of Mars. The planet may be a lonely place, but it makes for a beautiful backdrop.

The head of the fixture faces upward from the bottom of the frame, in front of the Martian horizon.

Perseverance looks into the camera.
Image: NASA/JPL (Panorama Stitch by Joy Roulette/The Nerdshala)

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