NASA Perseverance Mars rover spots goofy ‘butt crack rock’

But wait, there’s more. Check out the funniest Mars rocks the rover has ever found.

The Persistence Mars rover captured this view of “Butt Crack Rock” on June 3.

it’s part of the story welcome to mars, our series Exploring the Red Planet.

NASA’s Perseverance rover is on Mars to do serious science work, but we can still have fun with some of the strangest rocks the wheel explorer has spotted since landing in February.

What is the latest entry in the Oddball category Software Engineers Kevin Gill — a “Data Wrangler” at NASA-JPL — dubbed “butt crack rockInsert here Beavis and Butthead sneezing voices. Rover breaks up a series of scenes of rotund items.

Gill put together a series of partial images taken by the rover on May 31 to reveal the rock’s full glory. Perseverance later snapped a full image on June 3.

There is a long history with Mars and pareidolia – the human tendency to see familiar objects at random sizes. I once spent hours Looking for “Faces” in Images from NASA’s Curiosity Rover, just for fun. Space fans have seen imaginatively Rocks and formations that resemble bone, fish, blueberries and even a spoon.

With a few flights of imagination and a willingness to be silly, you can find all kinds of intriguing figures on the floor of Jezero Crater. Here are some of the best so far.


brachiosaurusgillEnlarge Image

Software engineer Kevin Gill spotted this Brachiosaurus-sized rock in images taken by the Perseverance rover on Mars.

Gill has a long track record of processing images of Mars for space fans to enjoy. He saw a beautiful rock pulled by the rover on April 15.

“Oh, it looks like NASA Perseverance found a small fossil Brachiosaurus on Mars,” Gill tweeted.

The small stone had a long “neck,” a small “head,” and a large body that made it resemble the famous large plant-munching dinosaur. To me, this unusual rock looks like a no-face from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.

‘Butt Rock’

Space writer Jason Major spotted a rump-shaped rock in the distance in a rover image from February. “Persistence probably won’t bother to study it, but I hope someone files it as ‘Butt Rock'” Major tweeted With gusto

Perseverance got a clear look at “Butt Rock” a few months later. And it still looks like a little backwards.

buttrockEnlarge Image

NASA’s Perseverance rover takes a closer look at “Butt Rock” on April 22, 2021.

much like we’ve seen Heart shaped objects in out-of-space, perhaps derriere-sized stones will become hot targets for Perseverance’s cameras.

‘odd rock

The mission’s first widely known reef dates to the end of March when The rover spotted a 6-inch-long pockmarked object that NASA described as “odd”. Researchers speculate that it may have been a meteorite or weathered part of bedrock.

odd rockEnlarge Image

NASA’s Perseverance rover captured a view of this strange rock on March 28. If you look closer to the right of center, you can see a series of tiny marks where the rover’s laser zapped it.

With NASA’s previous rovers as a model, we can look forward to more photos of the captivating, intriguing, and downright fun Martian rocks as Perseverance makes its way through the crater.

Other rovers have already seen a spoon, a Pancake, fruit and a “jelly Doughnut, “We could use a few more foods and table settings to make the perfect Pareidolia meal.

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