Scientists film ghostly and elusive bigfin squid floating in the deep Watch the ethereal creature and listen in as the explorers delight in their find.

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Watch and listen to the ethereal creature as the explorers delight in their discovery.

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NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer research ship sent an ROV into the Gulf of Mexico and spotted this wild-looking bigfin squid.


Deep in the ocean lives a strange cephalopod with eight arms and two tentacles. Bigfin squid can grow up to 19.7 feet (6 m) in length. It is elusive and every visit is a chance to learn more about the mysterious animals.

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The crew of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Okeanos Explorer research ship spotted some of the water’s wonders — including a bigfin squid — during the recently concluded Windows to Deep 2021 expedition.

NOAA researchers used a remotely operated vehicle to examine the slopes of West Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. ROV sighted the squid on 9 November and NOAA tweeted a video compilation of the ethereal creature on Monday, complete with commentary from the delighted scientists. The explorers called it “cool,” “haunting” and “very isolated.”

“How bigfin squid use their arms and tentacles is unknown,” NOAA said in a statement last week. “But, there are microscopic suckers on these appendages, and scientists think it’s likely that squid use them to trap prey that collides with them as they hang in the water beneath their bodies or under the seafloor. drag along.”

The bigfin squid was first officially described only about 20 years ago. It was originally thought to be just one species, as squid expert Mike Vecchione explains in the video commentary, but there are now several different species of bigfin (genus Magnapinna). Vecchione was one of the scientists who first described the squid.

The squid may be rare, but researchers are working hard to learn more about the deep-sea animal. a Study detailed five scenes published in 2020 Off the coast of Australia. Each new video is another small window into the world of Bigfin, and a chance to admire the beauty of a magnificent cephalopod.

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