Scream ending explained: your biggest questions answered

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Scream is on the big screen – and it’s full of twists, turns, shocking murders and big revelations.

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This time, Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter takes center stage, pulled back from a violent attack on his younger sister Tara (Jenna Ortega) back to Woodsboro. Cite the bloodshed as the return of Ghostface – and anyone with links to the past is firmly in sight of the killer.

If you’ve seen the movie, you might have some questions about how everything turned out. We’ve dived deep into the bloody ending of Slasher to find out how it all went down. To do this, we’re going major spoiler, Scroll through to get the answers to all your burning questions on Scream—and remember, if the phone rings while you’re reading, don’t answer it…

Explanation of scream ending


The Scream ends with bloody blasts, but how did we get there? The action begins with Jenna Ortega brutalizing Tara Carpenter by Ghostface. Unlike Drew Barrymore in the original Scream, Tara survives and is taken to the hospital. Dylan Minnette’s Wes calls Tara’s older sister, Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), who travels from California to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid).

Sam is actually the daughter of Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis, one of the killers in the original Scream. Sam has hallucinations about her (Ulrich returns to the role) and she takes medicine to control them. Sam had previously left Tara after learning the truth about her father, so left Woodsboro. She now reveals the truth, but the younger sister tells her to leave.

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Intending to stop Ghostface and save Tara from her inevitable fate, Sam and Richie enlist Davy Riley (David Arquette) for help. He has broken up with Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox) and leads a lonely, miserable life – and has no interest in helping Sam because, as he says, he has been stabbed multiple times. He tells her the rules of the franchise, however: Never trust a love interest, there’s always a link to the past, and the killer will join Tara’s friend group. Davy also contacts Sidney Prescott (Nave Campbell) and Gail and warns them not to return to Woodsboro.

Sam gathers Tara’s friends and tries to figure out who the killer might be, and is joined by Davy, who had a change of heart. This is when Randy Meeks’ niece Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmine Savoy Brown) learns that the killer is trying to make a ‘requel’ – that is, a reboot/sequel. To make a successful sequel, there has to be a link to the original, and a blending of the new and the old, which is what Ghostface is doing this time. All the attacks so far have had ties to the past, even the murder of creepy man Vince (Kyle Gallner), who is related to the other original assassin, Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard). Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton)’s son Wes is concerned that his mother may be a target since she appeared in the fourth film, but no one is said to care about a sequel.

However, this is not true. Wes and Judy are both murdered by Ghostface, and when Sam arrives on the scene, he learns that no one is protecting Tara at the hospital. She runs there with Davy and Richie, and they arrive just in time to save Tara from certain death. But, as they all go to leave, Davy remembers that you have to shoot Ghostface in the head – otherwise they always come back.

Davy is about to take the shot when he is distracted by a ringing phone, and the unthinkable happens: he is twice stabbed and killed. Of course, Davy has been stabbed and pronounced dead before, but this time, he’s placed in a body bag. Looks like it’s for real.

Gail is distraught when she learns of Davy’s death, and Sydney arrives at the hospital to talk to Sam, who doesn’t want to listen – she plans to get Tara out of Woodsboro, though. Sidney warns that the killer will only follow him. Sydney places a tracker on Sam’s car to keep an eye on him.

While leaving town, Tara learns that she cannot find her inhaler. He leaves another at Amber’s house, so Richie takes them there. When they arrive, a party in Wes’ memory is in full swing. Preparing for bloodshed…

Mindy’s twin Chad (Mason Gooding) sets off in search of his girlfriend Liv (Sonia Ammar) – and at the right signal, is attacked by Ghostface. Richie kicks out the party-goers, Liv returns without Chad, and Mindy is left alone and watches Staub in the living room. Yelling at the film’s version of Randy as the killer is behind him (while he yells at the person on the TV to turn around, how’s that for meta), Ghostface follows him. She turns up just in time, a fight ensues, and we think Mindy has been killed.

Meanwhile, Sydney and Gail have arrived at the house, and identify it as the Matcher House from the first Scream film.

Richie, Liv, Amber and Sam meet in the hallway and realize that one of them must be the killer – then Amber draws a gun and shoots Liv, revealing that she is Ghostface (one of them, Otherwise too). It is then revealed that Richie is the second killer, and he stabs Sam. Gail is shot by Amber, but is suppressed by Davy’s memory anyway.

Eventually, Gail, Sidney and Sam end up in the kitchen with the killers just like in the original Scream. It is revealed that Amber and Richie were not fans of the latest Staub film, and plan a rebellion with Sam as the villain. But, of course, their plan is foiled by Sidney and Gail, who (accidentally) set Amber on fire, and Sam kills Richie after being encouraged by her father’s hallucinations. Amber returns for one last assassination attempt, but is shot and killed by Tara, whom Sam had previously held captive.

When all is said and done, it is revealed that Mindy and Chad both survived, and Sam and Tara leave for the hospital holding hands together, finally reunited properly.

Who is Ghostface in the new Scream?

Like any good Scream movie, the latest addition to the franchise is a whodnit that’s nearly impossible to anticipate before the big reveal. This is further complicated by the fact that, once again, there are two killers – Richie and Amber.

Richie was in California when Tara was attacked, which appears to have given him an excuse. She deliberately hooks up with and traces Sam as she and Amber found out about her real parents, and they knew they needed her for their needs.

Amber says that she joined the Staub franchise when she moved into the Matcher House, and the two met as superfans online, both of whom were disappointed with the most recent Staub film (as previously reported in the film). It was directed by “Knives Out Guy,” aka Rian Johnson). They take it upon themselves to save the franchise with their plan to create a new villain by framing Sam for their murders – And, they say, Hollywood is out of ideas.

Amber kills Davy to make it clear that anyone can die in this movie. Richie rails against toxic random accusations: He’s doing it all out of love for movies, so how can it be toxic? Never mind that he killed a lot of people…

How do Richie and Amber get defeated?

After Amber and Richie’s big reveal, Sydney, Gail, Tara and Sam put their plan on hold. Sydney and Gail handle Amber together in the kitchen, fighting her in a conflict that ends with the killer knocking on the lit stove, which immediately sets her on fire. She looks dead, but remember – they always come back!

As for Richie, Sam sees another hallucination of Billy Loomis, pointing him in the direction of the knife he dropped. She grabs it, and reminds Richie of an important saying: “Don’t fuck with a serial killer’s daughter.” Sam then stabs his ex-boyfriend over and over again, then, when Sidney explains you need a headshot to be sure, makes sure the job is over with the gun. Is.

It wasn’t Richie, though, he needed to worry about jumping back in, but Amber—who walks out screaming. Tara shoots him, and says that she would love to see her favorite “elevated” horror film, The Babadook.

Where does the Scream finale take place and what happened there?

When Sidney and Gail take the tracker mounted on Sam’s car to the finale location, they are puzzled by the realization that this is the Matcher House, where the third act of the original Scream film took place.

It was there that Billy Loomis and Stu Machar revealed themselves as the original Ghostface(s) – and where they tried to kill Sidney in the kitchen with the intention of pinning their murders on their father. It’s also where Randy was nearly killed by Ghostface as he yelled at characters on TV to yell at him, where Dewey’s sister Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan) was met to death through the garage door, and where Gale killed herself. Sidney in the dispatch of both the original killers.

In the actual request genre, most of the newcomers to Scream are related to the characters in the legacy. Sam has perhaps the most disturbing episode, as it is revealed that she is the daughter of Billy Loomis. This may come as a surprise, given that Loomis was killed off at the end of the original Scream movie and certainly didn’t have any children with her already, but Sam explains to Tara that their mom was in high school. I became pregnant, and lied about the father’s identity – so it is possible that Billy himself had no idea that they were having a daughter.

However, Sam’s mother keeps the diaries, and that’s how Sam eventually discovers the truth. This is why she started acting, then left her family behind because she felt that her father had abandoned them.

And yes, according to the credits, he’s back as Skeet Ulrich Billy, albeit with a heavily CGI de-edged. Because you can’t bring a character back without soaking it in CGI.

What happens to Sydney and Gayle?

Sydney and Gail both arrive at the end to try to stop the new Ghostface, but take some serious damage. Gail is shot in the stomach, and Sydney is (again) stabbed. Luckily, they both survive – and although the movie doesn’t play out…

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