See a stunning time-lapse video of the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440 Don't have time for the full 3.5-hour moon shadow journey? See it in a minute.

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Don’t have time for the full 3.5-hour lunar shadow tour? Watch it in a minute.

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Griffith Observatory converted the November 2021 partial lunar eclipse into a short video.


During the evenings of 18 and 19 November, our lunar neighbor did a show during 1440. longest partial lunar eclipse since, Few wonders witnessed the whole event, but in case you missed out, you can still enjoy the highlight reel.

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Griffith Observatory in California livestreamed the event and then converted it into a one-minute time-lapse video. The eclipse lasted about 3.5 hours, so the short version is pretty dense.

The lunar eclipse may have been partial – meaning the entire Moon was not covered by Earth’s shadow – but it was almost total, with only a thin sliver of light left. If you look carefully, you can see that the moon is tinting a light red.

A one-minute eclipse is the perfect way to get a quick fix, but if you prefer to get a taste of its celestial events, you can still re-watch the entire Griffith Observatory stream and watch the moon at the slow wash of our planet’s shadow. can darken.

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