See an asteroid photobomb James Webb as the telescope zips through space Oh look, Webb is making friends already.

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Oh look, the web is already making friends.

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This artist’s concept shows the James Webb Space Telescope.


The James Webb Space Telescope is currently in a period of self-discovery as it travels through space revealing different parts, like its great sunshine, The Bayfordbury Observatory at the University of Hertfordshire looked into the distance to track Webb during this critical time, and it caught sight of more than just binoculars.

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“NASA Webb was running high through the sky last night,” The observatory tweeted on Thursday With the telescope’s view moving as a bright point against a background of stars.

The university’s observatory pointed to another faint object moving downward and in roughly the same direction as Webb in its field of view. That asteroid (35452) is 1998 DF10.

A wider view in a video shows yet another bonus asteroid – (97743) 2000 HQ42 – in the upper right corner. You may have to look at it twice to see both asteroids, but the telescope itself is easy to see.

Webb appears to be dim and bright as it moves across the sky, which may be due to reflections from its very bright tennis-court-shaped sunshield.

The telescope has some more acrobatics before it is fully and successfully deployed. If it makes it through that process, it will begin its mission in the early universe. As video from the Bayfordbury Observatory shows, Webb may already be very far away, but it is not alone in space.

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