See Final Fantasy 7 Remake with the original’s fixed camera

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Thanks to the Universal Unreal Unlocker mode, it’s possible to move Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s over-the-shoulder camera into the original’s fixed viewpoint. YouTuber Final FanTV did just that in a video that compared train station and Mako reactor scenes from both games.

Despite the obvious changes to the color palette and details, as well as the fact that Barrett’s remake featured a jogging behind a cloud instead of disappearing inside it, the similarities between the locations in the two games are evident. Even when pipes are replaced by more sensible industrial catwalks and narrow walkways are expanded, the fights over them are enough to tickle the part of the brain that It is a pleasure to see an old thing being made new.


The creators of the video say that they made it in the hope that someone would be inspired to create a mod that would allow everyone to enjoy the remake’s exploration with overhead cameras – although he insists that the battle scenes are not being played with. His entertainments are just for fun and not something he wants to watch instead of remakes.

Modders have started tweaking the PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the video has to be saved as a . was made with Mod that brings Cloud closer to its original color scheme, Other mods apply Joker makeup to Sephiroth and let Claude wear a costume for the entire game, though by far the most popular method is that. disables dynamic resolution,

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Opinion on the remake is divided here at PC Gamer. I found that it helped me appreciate Final Fantasy 7, a game I’d never really understood before, while Fraser said it took a dump on his childhood. We are a broad church here.

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