See how a giant T. rex gets fitted for a festive Christmas sweater

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This is very slimming.

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As researchers explore important questions about Tyrannosaurus rex, such as how many turns the earth And how powerful their bites wereWell, we just got the answer to another big one: how to dress someone up in a festive Christmas sweater.


Yes, I said Christmas sweater because I’m in the US, but natural History Museum Off London uses UK terminology and so has recently been decorated with a large T. rex in a “custom-made Christmas jumper”. The museum shared a video of the process, which was not easy.

The video is a time-lapse of the measurements, adjustments, and final dressing-up of the nearly life-sized animatronic T. Rex that makes museum-goers roar their time. jumper – in which T. Rex and other dinos – mitigating the fear factor somewhat.

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The sweater was custom-cut and fitted and has tiny little arms to accommodate the animal’s famously beautiful appendages. It has a turtleneck design that makes the dinosaur’s long neck comfortable.

Of course, the sweater-wearing T. rex is not scientifically accurate. Carnivorous dinosaurs were clearly not capable of knitting, given their physical challenges and the lack of yarn and knitting needles during the Cretaceous.

The festive fashion model of the museum will wear her sweater by December 24. yes you can buy the slightly plusher version or get yourself matching human sized sweater So you can go to T. Rex and shout “Twins!” Like it roars at you.

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