Sega files trademark for Sega NFTs

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In November 2021, Sega’s Q2 Results Mentioned that the Japanese publisher plans to work closely with Microsoft to develop a cloud-powered ‘super game’ as well as “invest in new areas such as NFTs”. It didn’t take long for Sega’s president and CEO Haruki Satomi to sound a more, cautionary note, however, saying, “If this is perceived as ordinary money making, I would make the decision not to proceed.”

Today comes news that Sega filed two trademarks for the ‘Sega NFT’ with the Japanese Patent Office in December 2021 (thanks, vgc) says the first’Sega NFT‘ while the other ‘ is forSega Classics NFT Collection, The latter will probably be similar to what Konami recently did with Castlevania but the big question is whether it signals a wider move from Sega.


(image credit: Sega)
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Sega is not alone in the industry. Peter Molyneux’s next game Legacy is play-to-earn and all-in on NFT, while Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, among the major publishers, recently stated that the company is “potentially looking to issue our own tokens in the future.” Have a look”. This was despite his acknowledgment that “some people who ‘play for fun’ and who are currently the majority of players have voiced their reservations towards these new trends”. GSC World scrapped plans to include NFTs in Stalker 2 following backlash, while Ubisoft’s NFT plan does not appear to be hugely popular and has been described by a French trade union as “useless, costly, ecologically fatal” to boot. ” Having said.

Who knows if this is just Sega getting ahead of the trend just to be on the safe side, or a sign that some awesome Sonic Ape crossover is coming. Whatever happens, Sega is unlikely to surpass in actual games just yet, not least because Steam has banned all games with NFTs or cryptocurrency.

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