whereas Super Mario Bros. A franchise that primarily focuses on video games, the brand goes beyond the medium in which countless non-gamers are aware of the existence of the Red Capped Plumber. More recently, Nintendo has looked to expand the franchise’s reach to other industries, including real-world theme parks and even more. Super Mario Bros. Movies. In addition to these functions, the company has partnered with lego to bring various Super MarioThemed sets for the toy market. However, it looks like some of these Lego are going to be very hard to find.

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lego started selling Super Mario-Theme set back in 2020. Since then, Mario and many other characters found in the franchise have starred in several sets over the past year. In addition, production of Lego continues mario Nintendo recently unveiled a new set of products based on super mario 64. Still, a recent notification on the Nintendo website seems to suggest that some Italian plumber’s Lego is about to be discontinued.


Recently, the Lego UK website added notifications to the 3 Super Mario set. According to the website, the Boomer Bill Barrage expansion set, the Whomps Lava Trouble expansion set and the Builder Mario power-up pack are “retiring soon.” This shows that once the stock for these items is exhausted, no additional units will be produced.

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super mario lego set

This news about the possible closure of some Super Mario Lego shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Nintendo fans. The company is no stranger to using a limited-time release strategy for its products as of last year Super Mario 3D All-Stars evidence. This collection of games created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario includes super mario 64handjob super mario sunshine, And super mario galaxy. However, Nintendo announced that the games would only be available for purchase for a short time. Unfortunately for fans, Nintendo was true to its word and was shut down. Super Mario 3D All-Stars On March 31, 2021. If this game collection is any indication, it’s likely these picks Super Mario The Lego set could also be phased out in the coming weeks.

Despite this, it is important to note that the information on the LEGO UK website is the only news regarding the removal of these sets. It is also worth noting that Super Mario LEGOs have been hugely successful for the company, which makes the retirement of these sets somewhat odd. At the time of writing, all 3 sets are still available for purchase, collectors may consider purchasing these mario Set to leave store shelves in the near future.

Source: legohandjob VG247

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