Setting up high-conversion lead magnets that deliver value

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Sales go up and down on leads, but attracting prospects and turning them into buyers is an art that many people don’t understand yet. About 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads their biggest challenge, according to hubspot, Why?


Three problems currently hinder the visibility of a website. First, digital competition is optimized for Google’s search engine. Second, new privacy policies in Europe and the US restrict data collection, limiting diverse marketing opportunities. Finally, consumers are showing increasing concern about the profit-cost calculation of handing over their contact details to businesses.

Facing difficulties does not mean that all hope is lost. Quite the contrary: People who strategically align lead generation with the goals of their potential buyers will reap a significant advantage. The key is building a foot-in-the-door technology for continuous engagement – lead magnets.

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Let’s find out what lead magnets are and how you can effectively design and implement them to build a strong customer relationship right from the start.

Many companies overlook that the timing of a lead magnet’s display affects user behavior.

The Allure of Lead Magnets

In physics, the movement of the +/- poles in a magnetic field generates energy. It’s the same for websites: By incorporating different magnets that trigger different actions, you create a strong environment to pique users’ interest. Lead Magnet is on-demand content that encourages users to provide their contact information (“a sign-up”), so that you can engage them in the future. In a survey conducted with 1,000 bloggers, we found that those using lead magnets were 57% more likely to report strong results from content marketing.

To help you visualize, scroll through Innovatives’ “How a Viability Detector Prevents Identity Theft Case Studies.” A user interested in a case study can use the embedded contact form to download the entire document for free. As soon as the visitor signs up, Innovatrix may contact this email a weekly newsletter on new content or other valuable resources about biometric technology.

Today, 96% visitors Not ready to buy on your website. Instead, they are either getting acquainted with your brand (awareness stage) or considering your products as one of several options (idea stage). In these initial steps, you want potential prospects to jot down their contact details so that you can engage them with personal emails in the future. Unfortunately, very few customers hand over their data this way. This is where attractive magnets enter the equation.

Essential for making high-conversion magnets

Magnets can be anything that provides added value, whether benchmark studies, guides, interactive quizzes, short- or long-form video content, or anything else. The purpose is to exchange a contact, just like a moral bribe. In order to effectively design magnets for multiple buyer personas and decision steps, you must first ask yourself the following questions.

Does a magnet solve a problem?

If your lead magnet doesn’t solve a visitor’s problem, or if it doesn’t help them achieve their goal, your hard work has gone to waste.

To find out if your magnet is suitable for a purpose, you need to listen to your audience. Here, SEO tools come in handy, so you can do keyword or search analysis. Browsing through the long and short tail keywords with the highest search volume will help you quickly find what kind of answers potential leads are looking for.

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