ShadowHawk returns in 2022 as part of Image Comics’ 30th anniversary plans

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2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of Shadowhawk’s debut as one of Image Comics’ founding characters (and titles), and he will return next year.

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Shadowhawk creator Jim Valentino has shared the news on Facebook that he is working on a commemorative book for 2022 called the Shadowhawk 30th Anniversary Special.


“I don’t pull very often now, but I still manage to screw it up royally when I do!” Valentino writes. “This is a cover for next year’s Shadowhawk 30th anniversary special. Today seemed like an opportune day to post this because this first image is a tribute to the comic.”

(The comic cover he’s referring to is a 1992 Youngblood #1 by fellow Image Comics founder Rob Liefeld, who remarks “Love it!!!” in the comments)

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Shadowhawk is a dark anti-hero in the vein of Batman and Crow. Over the years, it is revealed that Shadowhawk is a spell given to individuals who become host to a mystical power called the Spirit of Justice.

Shadowhawk has strong ties to Youngblood – he debuted in Youngblood #2 before actually starring in his series, and that first issue had a special thanks to Liefeld.

The Shadowhawk 30th anniversary special cover features not only Valentino’s Shadowhawk, but the main creations of other Image founders still with the company – Spawn (produced by Todd MacFarlane), Savage Dragon (produced by Eric Larson), Witchblade (co-produced by) Produced by Mark Silvestri), and Bedrock (produced by Rob Liefeld).

While the work done by fellow Image founders Jim Lee and Wills Portacio is not included, this is because they are no longer active with the company (and are no longer co-owners either).

Valentino went on to say that he would not be pulling the internal story for the Shadowhawk 30th anniversary special, but the mystery personage who would cover this as well.

The Shadowhawk 30th Anniversary Special is Image Comics’ second known project for a total 30th anniversary in 2022, following earlier reports. Official Image Comics Timeline Coming in February 2022.

Image Comics (and its characters) rank high on our list Best Non-Marvel and Non-DC Superheroes And superhero universe.

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