Should you buy a Roku TV on Black Friday 2021?

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There’s a great chance you’ve heard from Roku lately, whether it’s in the news, or as part of the streaming platform’s latest marketing push. Good times, so, when it comes to any Black Friday Roku deals, we’ve got to make some serious decisions. There are a lot of Roku products out there, which means there are a lot of great Black Friday deals to be had. And one of the most important will be from the Roku TV itself.

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Back Friday is the best time to buy a Roku TV – but shop early!

TCL S-Series 55-inch Roku Smart TV
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Here’s a fun fact about Roku—they’re almost always on sale. The same goes for Roku players, including the best streaming sticks all the way up to the Roku Ultra, which is the most powerful Roku you can buy. The same holds true for Roku’s new line of soundbars and speakers, which work in conjunction with Roku TVs to improve your audio experience while keeping setup simple.

And the same holds true for Roku TVs, which are among the most popular smart TVs you can buy. There’s a reason for this, and it fits right there in the Roku ethos. Roku TV means you get the full Roku experience without having to plug in anything other than the television. Connect it to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to stream everything you want to stream.


And that means there’s a pretty good chance you’ll already be able to find deals on Roku Streaming Sticks and the same day apart as the days before Black Friday. And it’s all on top of prices that are typically below retail inventory, simply because that’s the way it works. Televisions like Roku TVs have a list price that’s mostly just a good idea, that way you’ll find that the thing is always on sale.

In other words, Black Friday Roku TV deals are great to watch. There could also be some extra savings on the big day. But it’s also entirely possible that you can get yourself a great Black Friday deal today without waiting.

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And this last part is important, because it’s highly likely that the global shipping crisis is going to extend into the holiday season. So if you’ve been able to get a pre-Black Friday Roku TV deal, you’ll want to go ahead and scoop it up — especially because televisions aren’t the tiniest things to ship. At least go ahead and buy early if you want to make sure you get your discounted Roku TV in time for the holiday season.

Why Buy Roku TV?

There are actually two questions here. Why Buy a Roku TV—and Which One Should You Get?

Roku made its bones by being easy to use and easy on the wallet. The most basic Roku stick costs around $30 — and you can often snag a few bucks off that price. Even the best Roku device – the Roku Ultra – tops out at around $100 retail and can often be had for less.

Then there’s Roku TV, which houses the Roku operating system inside a television produced by a partner like TCL. They’re hugely popular and offer pretty much the exact same experience, only it’s baked into the TV, so you don’t need to plug anything else in if you don’t want to.

And that’s the name of the game for Roku. It is easy to use and is not very expensive. And it allows you to watch pretty much anything you want to watch, whether it’s on Netflix, or Hulu, or Apple TV+. Roku has almost as many apps (it calls them “channels” as you possibly want. And with apps like Roku Channels, you can watch all kinds of shows, movies, and even live news and sports). Will be able to watch for free.

TCL is one of the main manufacturers of Roku TVs in the United States. This lines things up in “series,” so you’ll see “series-4,” “series-6” and “series-8.” The sets get better (and more expensive) as you work your way up. Huh. Roku TVs have all the features you’d expect from any television, including 4K resolution support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos—that sort of thing. And TCL isn’t the only manufacturer that partners with Roku. You’ll want to be on the lookout for Black Friday TV deals, such as Hisense, and Walmart’s own brand, onn.

And with the potential for some serious Roku Black Friday deals on the horizon — if they’re not already here — you’ll be able to save even more on your Roku experience.

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