Although it is not necessarily described as a roguelike, martial arts action game. sifu Plays the same way. very much like games hadis And returnal, a game over means returning to the very beginning and losing any abilities that were unlocked along the way. Between the complicated battles and harsh punishments to die for, some curious players may be hoping for difficulty options so they can experience their own, slightly more casual, through-the-air. But that won’t happen, at least not at launch.

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Pierre Tanno, executive producer at French studio Sloclap, which is developing and publishing sifu For the PlayStation platform and PC, recently talked about the game with MP1st. When asked about the difficulty of the game, Tanno says that it is entirely possible for a player to make it through the entire game without dying once, but it will require them to master the combat system.


As a reminder, in sifuDying is not an immediate end. Upon death, the player’s character is revived on the spot, but they will have aged. By how many years does the player’s age increase in each death? And while an increase in age means an increase in strength, the player’s health will decrease with every resurrection. Once a player crosses a certain age, they will die permanently and will need to start all over again.

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Tanno explains how Sloclap wants to challenge and advance players sifubattle of. It aims to encourage players to learn, improve, and adapt, with the instant resurgence gimmick acting as a way to help new players because it allows them to fail at least a few times. But since the price of failure increases with every death, players will eventually need to learn the ins and outs of the combat system to complete the game.


The lack of any difficulty options may deter some people from playing sifu, but Tanno hasn’t completely ruled out adding alternate difficulty options in the future. It would not be entirely unprecedented; whereas returnal It faced criticism for its save feature, never having different difficulty options, as it was impossible to save mid-run. Developer Housemark will eventually update the game to allow players exactly that, meaning runs can now be attempted over multiple sessions.

Difficulty in video games remains a hotly debated topic, as some believe that each game should provide difficulty options so that as many people as possible can play them. in some case like this dark Souls, as many argue brutal difficulty is the issue and it should be entirely up to the developers whether to implement difficulty options or not.

sifu Will release on February 8, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Source: MP1st

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