Skatebird review: It’s no Tony Hawk, but it features tiny hawks

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The skateboarding game genre has a lot of established royalty. If you’re looking for something very arcade-y, play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater while you skate 2 Or 3 Will provide a slightly more realistic (but still completely bombastic) experience. No matter how you look at it, both of these franchises are masters of the skating genre, much like Call of Duty and Battlefield’s own multiplayer shooters. There are others out there, but they don’t stack up.

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now we have skatebird, which snaps out of nowhere and immediately shows that although it’s not going to take the crown off Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, it was never designed to. Instead, skatebird It is here for the people to have fun, although sometimes there are disappointing times. It’s a goofy arcade skateboarding game full of fun dialogue and silly references that doesn’t promise to give anyone the skating game of their dreams. But it will at least brighten your day.

for the birds

full base of skatebird It has its name written on it, and if you’re not used to jokes like this, just skip this review. You are a bird that skates. skatebird Feels like a skateboard. get the picture? OK, I’m moving on.


In skatebird, you grunt, pounce, and chirp (or as the game calls it “Scrum”) in mundane spheres as a tiny, spiky bird. The game has all the attributes of a typical arcade skating game, starting with character customization, in which players are able to choose what kind of bird they want to be and what goofy accessories they want to wear. Naturally, I went with a cowboy hat that was always on.

The necessary joke is being made in Skatebird.
You thought Skatebird wouldn’t make fun of Tony Hawk?

After a quick introduction, players are thrown into the first area of ​​the game: a spacious bedroom that belongs to their older friend of the bird. Unfortunately, Big Friend is feeling depressed, so the skating bird, along with a bunch of others, decides to flee the room, find out why Friend is so sad, and solve the issue with the power of skating. fix them.

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skatebirdThe story is one sentence after another, all with a subtle background of anti-capitalist sentiments…

In short, Bird’s boss has a crappy job at a crappy tech startup that Bird naturally sabotages, by first blowing the boss’s AC out of his office and everyone else’s, and then destroying servers and more. Some. skatebirdThe story is one sentence after another, all with a subtle background of anti-capitalist sentiment, and if the idea of ​​birds hating capitalism doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I’m begging you to get a sense of humor. I am

better than flying

It’s awkward to say, but skatebirdThe goofy storyline and silly jokes are the stars here. The game sticks to its arcade style, with each face button controlling a move. One button ollies, another grinds, another grabs, etc. this is about the best part skatebird: It is easy to control. You decide when your bird catches or pees. What’s more, it’s more difficult to have any impact on whether you land successfully after actually performing a move.

skating in skatebird A skateboard has all the grace of a bird, which is not at all. The bird is like a fish in the air, flying around without any sense of direction. I’ve done tricks and then tried to land, only to find the board pointing at a 45 degree angle for some reason, which makes my bird absolutely tar. The game appears to have plans for it, however, to give players control of their bailable bird, which can be swung around for fun, but that feeling only lasts through a few unsuccessful landings.

Griding across a ceiling in Skatebird.

It’s no better to walk with wheels on the ground, because skatebirdThe crappy physics engine routinely decides that a small bump into an object is enough to make your bird fall. Other times though, you’ll build up momentum and hit a wall, unable to turn around because the game still feels like you’re accelerating, which means you’ll have to bail.

When you realize that building momentum isn’t very easy, situations like these get even more annoying. skatebird. Birds, naturally, cannot pump on a skateboard. Instead, the game has a “fancy” meter, which players fill by going up and down ramps to go faster. Before doing any big jumps or long grinds, you’ll have to make your way through a few ramps while making sure you don’t bump into anything or fall off the board, which is a frustrating challenge.

skating in skatebird A skateboard has all the grace of a bird, which is not at all.

What skatebird What it lacks in grace, it makes up for in charm. While about half of my moment-to-moment gameplay was spent grinning at my bird, deciding to see what the sidewalk looked like, the other half was spent smiling like a goofball. Skating around the game’s spectacular soundtrack, which fits in perfectly with other skating game soundtracks and will likely end soon on my Spotify, is an absolute blast. Little touches like this made everything else bearable.

our take

i don’t believe skatebird It was voted the best skating sport of all time, mainly because it is far from achieving any such feat. Instead, skatebirdHere’s a distraction – something fun and goofy to take your mind off things. It’s hard to think about paying rent or other heavy topics when you’re playing a silly little game about a silly little bird on a silly little skateboard.

If you end up shopping skatebird, don’t expect it to rediscover the genre. It is not. But the game might be about birds that dive and explore underwater (working title: Scubarbard), and as long as it brought that same charm and sense of humor, I would have enjoyed it.

Is there a better option?

If you are looking for a good arcade-y skating game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+ 2 easy to go.

How long will it last?

I’ve put in about five hours skatebird, but if I tried to collect every collectible and beat every mission, it’s likely to take upwards of seven.

should you buy it?

Yes, with the caveat that you temper any expectation. skatebird Skating is not a game about birds, but a game about birds that can skate.

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