It’s been a long time since Ubisoft’s multiplayer pirate game skull and Bones Received an official status update, and at this rate it’s possible that a lot of time will pass before one is finalized. But until that happens, fans eager to trace back to the golden age of piracy may seek out a credible source that has shared details potentially painting the picture of how gameplay is taking shape.

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It goes without saying that development on this flamboyant adventure has been tougher than usual in 2021. Four years after its official disclosure, the game remains missing in action, and from the sounds of it, thanks in large part to Ubisoft struggling to settle on a consistent vision for combat and exploration. the result is that skull and Bones It has reportedly restarted development several times over the years, giving fans little clue as to what the current version actually looks like.


But it’s possible that has changed, as famed leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson has given several details about skull and BonesGameplay and different systems in a Twitter thread. Starting off, he claims that the vessels will be divided into five size-based tiers, ranging from small fishing boats to large gallons, and will be divided into three other categories based on function: Cargo, Combat and Exploration. . While larger ships would prove useful in high-sea battles, Henderson says smaller ships would also have their advantages, such as being able to cross shallow shores and rivers.

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Progress in the current version of the game is based on money earned through taking on various jobs, carrying out cargo runs, and raiding other ships, settlements and fortresses. As players start with only a raft and then a small fishing boat, these objectives will be crucial to earning the means to build proper pirate ships. From there, these ships could be outfitted with an assortment of weapons, including cannons, ballistas, flamethrowers, and mortars, and further augmented with additional armor, smeltries and storage boxes.

Henderson also provides a clear idea of ​​the version of the Indian Ocean that serves as the game’s setting. whereas skull and Bones’ The map will include largely open seas, include a fictional pirate shelter in Madagascar and land-based locations including the coast of Azania (modern-day Mozambique). Players will be able to visit these locations from a third-person perspective and interact with NPCs, and this will likely be where players do their jobs before going out to sea and engaging in it. Assassins Creed– Inspired combat.

The Twitter thread ends with Henderson saying the game is not “near completion” but is currently “in a good place”. Repeat, skull and Bones Development has had its fair share of problems, so if Henderson’s claims are accurate (and it’s worth reminding that they may not be), it could be a sign that things may finally start to come together and Ubisoft may soon be on the way.

skull and Bones In development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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