Skyrim He turned 10 the next month. Released in November of 2011, the game features a massive open world filled with enemies to explore and enemies to defeat. To assist players in battle, Skyrim Includes a variety of magic spells and weapons and magic spells to use against enemies. One of these iconic weapon categories is the dagger.

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among the many different types of weapons SkyrimThe dagger is one of the most agile. What the Short Blade lacks in damage, it makes up for in speed and stamina. In addition, this one-handed weapon can be dueled, which adds to its usefulness in close-knit combat. With so many different types of daggers to be found across the vast world, it’s no wonder that many gamers have come to love these nimble weapons. Recently, a fan decided to make replicas of some of the most famous daggers found in the game.


In a Reddit post, a user named Mads_five shared a photo of a group of Dagger replicas from Skyrim. The image contained replicas of 5 different daggers: Mehrunes’ Razor, Elven Dagger, Dwarf Dagger, Daedric Dagger and Glass Dagger. Each of these designs was meticulously crafted, including many of the finer details found on the actual dagger Skyrim. An impressive aspect of the sculptures was the paint job. The artist managed to use shades of green, gray and brown to give the dagger a weathered look, while enhancing the realism of the designs.

I’ve always wanted to own the items from the game. That’s why I made these five daggers out of EVA foam! From

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Mads_Five revealed that the replicas were made by hand from EVA foam. While the artist started with Daedric Dagger, he eventually created 4 more designs after being “taken away”. Unfortunately for those interested in buying a replica of these iconic Skyrim Daggers, Mads_five say they are not selling. According to the manufacturer, the process of carving the dagger took a long time to finish. However, he recommends that those interested in purchasing replica daggers check out ArsynalProps, another talented artist, on Etsy.

in many Skyrim The community on Reddit loved these foam daggers made by Mads_five. With more than 5,200 upvotes in less than a day, the general consensus among fans is that the artist perfectly captured Blade’s iconic look. In addition, many were amazed by the level of detail on display, noting that the daggers looked as if they were crafted from steel rather than foam. Others suggested additional daggers for the sculpture to the creator, such as the Blade of Wu.

This is one of the many masterpieces shown by the community. In addition to these foam daggers, another Skyrim The fan made a replica of Mehroons’ razor using magnets. With many more daggers left for sculptures, it will be interesting to see what weapons Mads_Five decides to make next.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Available on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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