Skyrim Turns 10 at the end of this year. Even after almost a decade in the market, the game remains popular among the players. There is a reason for this popularity of skyrim Huge open world design. This format provides an unlimited number of places for players to view and explore, such as Blake Falls Barrow.

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Adventurers around the world travel to many beautiful locations in Skyrim. One of these fascinating sites is the Blake Falls Barrow, an ancient Nordic structure. According to sports lore, the ancient Nords built temples to worship dragons. Situated amidst jagged peaks, the wind-swept spot is frequented by bandits. During the game, players are required to visit the ruins as part of a quest to obtain the Dragonstone, a tablet containing the location of a dragon burial mound. In addition to this main story quest, several other quests include Blake Falls Barrow. Recently, an ingenious fan decided to recreate the structure in real life on a different medium and much smaller scale.


In a Reddit post, a user known as PowerfulWolverine971 decided to design Blake Falls Barrow Skyrim out of lego. Using a combination of white and gray bricks, the builders managed to recreate the snowy landscape of the temple ruins. One of the highlights of the construction consisted of a jagged peak rising over a broken pylon. In addition, a small inner room was located on the other side of the rock. The hard work the creators put into the project was evident in the finished product as they revealed that it took 750 pieces and about 6 hours of labor to complete the design.

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This recreation of Blake Falls Barrow in Lego form has become popular with Skyrim Community. Fans are impressed with the design, with over 800 upvotes on Reddit, with many commenting that it “may come in a box with instructions.” Others were surprised by how well the game’s visual style transitioned to Lego, leading some to wish a Lego mod was created to add to the already impressive list. Skyrim modes are available.

The game is just one of countless fan creations created by the community in the years since its launch. In addition to this Lego Blake Falls barrow creation, another fan recently made a 3D-printed Mehroons razor with magnets to pull the weapon pieces together. In a world full of iconic places and objects to discover, it will be interesting to see what fans decide to build next based on Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Available on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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