Although The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim This can be quite a serious game, with its elaborate lore and violent conflict, not to mention the racial politics running across the game’s world, there are times when fans can get a little silly with it. Examples of this include modders who for no reason renamed all Frost Trolls to Tim Allen. Now, another fan has taken liberties with the modding tool, perhaps to make a statement about something that is currently affecting the world of tech and gaming in real life.

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While uploading small file in nexus mode a few days ago, a modder going by the username mobinweekend decided to use Skyrim To get players to get their hands on something that’s actually practically unattainable right now. Specifically, what they’ve done is add an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card to the game. A single screenshot on the mod page shows the GPU sitting peacefully on the edge of a public well in downtown Whiterun.


MobinWeekend says on the description page that their mod allows players to store their 3080 in . allows to keep Skyrim, insists that players forget about the “promise of the 3070 Ti,” which has apparently been touted by Nexus. For those who haven’t kept up with graphics card news, the world is currently facing a severe shortage due to semiconductor shortages and bots buying bulk hardware for cryptomining. It’s become such an issue that Nvidia products like the 3080 Ti are selling out almost immediately, making it very difficult for many to get hold of.

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Screenshot of Skyrim showing an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card on a well in Whiterun.

So while gamers can’t afford the RTX 3080, or really any new gaming hardware, in the real world, MobinWeekend’s mod will at least allow players to be in a fictional realm, while AMD and Nvidia products are at least out of reach. Will be outside One more year. The only thing that is not known about the mod until it is established is whether players will be able to pick up the graphics card or interact with it after finding it.

Whatever it is, it’s an intriguing solution to a real-world issue. With rumors of Nvidia developing its own 4000 series, it remains to be seen whether the shortage will continue even after the tech industry hits the next generation. If the problems still persist, maybe MobinWeekend or another modder will be able to allow fans to keep the new products Skyrim or even the next Elder Scrolls Play.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition Will release on November 11 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Source: nexus mode

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