as far as Skyrim Go mate, the most famous is Lydia. Skyrim Players receive Lydia as a companion after completing the Dragon Rising main quest, and can even marry her if they wish. Lydia is the subject of countless memories, often revolving around her promise to carry the burden of the Dragonborn, only to get in the player’s way. Even though Lydia can sometimes be a headache, she remains one of them. SkyrimThe most recognizable and popular characters.

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Lydia, like no other Skyrim Companions can sometimes break away from the Dragonborn and be lost. that’s exactly what happened Skyrim Players play Citizens of Whiteran’s Lydia, and so they eventually decide to teleport to her location and find out where she went. But upon arriving at Lydia’s place, the Citizens of Whiterun find Lydia in a strange and unexpected place.


After teleporting to Lydia using PC console commands, Citizens of Whiterun discovered that she was actually locked in a cell in the Dragonsreach dungeon. In Lydia’s cell, the Citizens of Whiterun find a corpse, a cot, a locked cell door, and nothing more. It’s not clear exactly how Lydia wound up in Dragonsreach Dungeon, but the general consensus seems to be that it was due to some sort of bug.

I lost Lydia so she was teleported to where she was and I.. how?! From

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Considering the strange location Lydia was trapped in, it’s highly unlikely that Citizen of Whiterun would have ever been able to find her without using console commands. Unfortunately, it’s only . is only possible with the PC version of Skyrim, so those playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or other platforms will have to completely scour SkyrimMassive open world map to find your missing comrades, wherever they are.

Something more interesting seen in CitizensOfWhiteran’s video is a goat named Hilda, who Skyrim Seeing this, the fans were confused. Goat, part of the Petes of Skyrim content, featured in Skyrim – Anniversary Edition, and it’s one of a handful of animals that players can bring along on their adventures as bonus companions. Each animal has a different skill that they bring to the table, the goat makes it so that the Dragonborn can carry more stuff.

recently released Skyrim – Anniversary Edition The game adds even more Creation Club content, such as fishing and morrowind cover. Anyone interested can upgrade their copy Skyrim – Special Edition for only $20, or they can pay full price to get it Anniversary Edition outright if they don’t already own a different version of Skyrim,

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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