The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Has been out for almost a decade now, and so it’s safe to say that many game tricks were discovered by the community ages ago. However, with Skyrim This year is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Skyrim: Anniversary Edition Set to launch soon, there may be many people who are searching for the game for the first time or who haven’t played it in a long time and have forgotten some of its more useful tricks.

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a trick that Skyrim Players have been doing it for years, abusing Hadvar in Hellgen Keep at the start of the game to maximize their stealth skills, and a recent video shared by Reddit user PeachCobblerActual has put the trick in the spotlight again. . To perform the trick, players must start a new character. Skyrim, play until they reach the end of the game’s first quest “Unbound”.


In Unbound quest none of the choices players make really matter for this glitch, so they can choose to go with Hadvar or Ralof and it won’t matter. Do the first search until you reach the cave where Hadwar or Ralof reveal that there is a bear in the area. The game wants players to attack the bear, but instead, lean behind Hadvar or Ralof and begin attacking them with weapons. no matter how many times Skyrim Players attack them, they won’t fight back.

Helgen. The Fastest Way to Sneak in 100 From

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Skyrim Players can do this endlessly, and in the process they will maximize their stealth skills and potentially other skills as well. It doesn’t take that long and is a useful trick for those who want a sneak advantage early in the game. get maximum sneak skills in Skyrim That will certainly make some quests a lot easier later in the game, so it’s definitely something worth considering unless players don’t mind abusing an exploit.

It is possible that this exploit will be available for fans to abuse in the future. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, but it is also possible that it will be fixed for a re-release. As it stands, what . not much is known about Skyrim: Anniversary Edition In terms of bug fixes or new content it’s bringing to the table, fans will have to wait and see on that front.

What we do know is that Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is adding a fishing mini-game and will have next-generation native versions, so it should be the surefire way to experience Bethesda’s open-world epic. Fans will know more when it launches next month.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Now available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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