So, you have replayed the perfect game. Now what?

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You know what the feeling when a long-awaited game breaks down and your body just ready. You may even have blocked time in your calendar and quit your job on release day. All you can think about is playing and you just want to sit with the controller in your hand and press those buttons with your sweaty palms and rub them.

It’s a familiar and exciting place that many gamers have recently returned from. You know those – the people who were waiting Forbidden Horizon West insofar as Zero dawn horizon came out five years ago. They, according to the rave reviews about the game, were not disappointed. Many, of course, were sucked back into his post-apocalyptic future and raced through each level, barely finding time to breathe, let alone enjoy every moment.

Therein lies the danger of binge playing video games. The journey is fun, but everything passes in such a fog that it is impossible to appreciate the subtleties and nuances of anything, especially in such an extensive title as Forbidden Horizon West. True, there are times when it is therapeutic, a chance to turn off your mind and leave. But there are times when there are too many binges, and then the problems begin.

Maybe “problem” doesn’t fit that feeling. Maybe it’s “anxiety”. Joy Forbidden Horizon West lies in its history, in figuring out where Guerrilla’s story is taking. Nervousness builds when you realize that at some point the story must end. As much as you want to live in this world forever, you can’t.

When I reached 75 hours in Forbidden WestI stopped playing. There are still little things on the map that need to be revealed, but for now I have completed this walkthrough. To be honest, it left me feeling somewhat empty. What happens next after you play the perfect game that somehow exceeds your insanely high expectations?

For me, the answer is nothing. I put the controller aside because I knew no video game would satisfy me after this experience. This is unfair to any subsequent game Forbidden Horizon West. I can either start and stop a bunch of games, unhappy that they’re not quite the way I want them to be, or I can accept that after such a binge session, I just need to take a break. I feel like I just stepped out of a dark haze (literally playing video games in my basement) and I want to appreciate the outside world for a while.

Eventually, I will replay the game. But when I do, I will fulfill the promise I made to myself that I broke the first time: take your time. I know the story so I don’t have to push it through as fast as I can to hammer it into my brain. This time it will be a healthier relationship with more give and take. But for now, I’m going to keep calm, maybe read a book or watch all those TV shows I’ve been neglecting. Or maybe I’ll just overplay Zero dawn horizon.

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