Solar Ash devs want speedrunners to “break the f*ck out of it”

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The developers behind Solar Ash want the game’s fast-paced audience to break it all out.

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Speaking in the latest issue of Play Magazine, Solar Ash creative director Alx Preston admitted his love of speedrunning, saying he loved the extensive Games Done Quick showcase and how players tackle the task of speed-running games. The creative director says he is “fascinated by the effort that goes into motion,” and the way “the community comes together” is commendable.

“I want to see people break the crap out of our game, it’ll be really fun,” Preston says. “Because our character has some physicality to that… who knows what they’ll be able to do and who knows they’ll be able to break paths like a rough one.” Preston continued that “I’m so excited to see, again, how they break it down.”


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In the new interview with PLAY Magazine, Preston also spoke about how the developer’s approach to speed has changed. Preston reflects that while developers used to force players to sit through extensive cutscenes, while now developers adapt to the moving tendencies of their audiences with dedicated modes. “It’s one of my favorite things about the games because the community around it seems to be very, very good-natured,” Preston says.

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It all really builds on the way players would speed up Hyper Light Drifter, the developer’s previous venture before Solar Ash. Preston says that although he’s “not as deeply involved in speed in general,” he was excited to see things rise up by the Hyper Light Drifter community to get the game done as quickly as possible, which will be a great addition to the developer for what’s to come. feeds on enthusiasm. Solar ashes.

Solar Ash is available later this month on October 26th on PC, PS4 and PS5. For another deep dive into the creative process behind the new action-platformer game, visit our comprehensive Solar Ash preview for more.

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