SolarWinds hack may have been more damaging than previously thought

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NS orion The hackers reportedly obtained information about counter-intelligence investigations, US policy on approving Russian individuals, and its response to COVID-19.

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The campaign was widely publicized when it was finally put out at the end of last year. US government Russia’s SVR. Pins the attack The Foreign Intelligence Service, which denies any involvement in the operation.

In-spite of this Months check, which has identified multiple targets including SolarWinds and Microsoft, with virtually no disclosures about the attackers’ intentions.

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However, anonymous sources have now told Reuters That the attackers were hoping to gather intelligence on the decision-making policy of the US government.

intelligence loss

Microsoft recently revealed Russia as a prime mover to commit cybercrime using state-sponsored actors.

In its annual Digital Defense report, Microsoft shared that SolarWinds attackers were digging for information about the methods employed by the country to catch Russian hackers, as well as government material on sanctions and other Russia-related policies.

Anonymous sources involved in the US government’s investigation into the case revealed that they could see the words the attackers had used when sifting through US government files, and one of the keywords searched was “ban”. .

talking to ReutersChris Krebs, former head of America’s Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and now consultant to various companies including SolarWinds, said a combined description of the attackers’ targets seems logical.

During the SolarWinds campaign, the attackers managed to breach about nine federal agencies, read email of various government departments, made confidential source code from microsoft, and other companies, and more.

Despite all this, one of the people involved in the investigation even said Reuters That exposure to ongoing counter-intelligence cases against Russia was the worst of the losses.

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Via Reuters

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