Custom gaming PC builds are one of the defining features of the platform, and one of the primary draws for countless PC gaming fans. While it’s easy to choose a pre-built PC for those who are willing to spend a few extra bucks to save some effort, others take pride in building custom rigs piece by piece. Often, this results in a beefy desktop on one’s shelf to sit on. Other times, though, fans will whip up some very interesting creations.

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On Reddit, u/imthatguy77 showed off a custom gaming PC they built inside an RC semi-truck. The truck itself is large and yellow with a blue cargo crate. That blue cargo crate is covered with graffiti branding, a nice added touch to the general aesthetic. While the design itself is great, it’s what’s under the hood — or behind — that really matters.


Imthatguy77 has equipped its PC gaming rig with an Nvidia GeForce 2060 graphics card, an EVGA power supply, and a display to keep track of some of the PC’s stats like internal temperature and CPU load. The PC has a fan at the bottom, which gives it some airflow. This is a logically impressive setup, considering how many components have to be condensed into an RC car.

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He took the extra step and even made some custom mounting equipment, which he shared in a YouTube video of the rig on his channel Scale Builders Guild. Specific specs for PC are:

  • Intel i5 9400F

  • EVGA Z370 Stinger

  • EVGA 2060 KO GPU

  • GSkill Ripjaw 16GB DDR43600

  • EVGA 120 AIO

  • Tamiya 1/14th Scale Mercedes Aerox Semi Truck and Container Trailer

Redditors are pretty invested in both pastimes, judging by the other RC cars on the shelf, so it makes sense that they’d combine them into one. The most impressive thing about the build is that, according to imthatguy77, the RC car is still fully functional, just requiring the driver to pull the power plug from the PC to get it ready to roll. The project has taken a long time, however, apparently starting sometime in November 2020.

This isn’t the first time a Redditor has created an impressive gaming PC, as they’ve also built something like a McLaren-themed PC. Imthatguy77 is promising more to come in the future, with more videos on how to build the PC coming soon.

Source: reddit

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