For over a decade now, lego And video games have shared a close relationship. from the release of the original Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Since the sixth console generation, Lego has produced a number of video games based on the various properties for which Lego has produced construction products. Now, one person has gone a step further and is building the next generation of systems out of Legos.

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The beauty of Legos as a form factor is its ability for people to build whatever they want from the given resources. This has allowed members of the gaming community to create Lego creations based on video games. It also includes custom minifigures, such as the one a user is creating custom, god of war-theme There are statues in the form of Lego Kratos and Atreus. However, this most recent, gaming-themed Lego creation is much more widespread.


A Twitter user named brickinnick made life-size versions of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X out of Lego. Both builds include life-size versions of the controllers to go with it. Brickinnick then urged other users to visit the Lego Ideas page, which is named for both building and supporting it. If enough people support both builds, they could potentially become official Lego sets for people to buy.

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It’s amazing how detailed and accurate both of these custom builds are, especially considering how unique the PS5’s exterior design is. The user really managed to bring the look and feel of both consoles to life from a visual standpoint. Not to mention the inclusion of both controllers for each respective console.

In recent years, a number of new Lego sets have been released based on certain aspects of video game culture and iconography. For example, back in 2020, Lego released an official Lego NES that featured a controller and CRT television with basic levels. Super Mario Bros. is being played on it. With any luck, more Lego sets based on video games will continue to be released.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future lego Regarding video games. Many fans are still wondering when they can expect to see Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga issued. While the game has been delayed several times, it has been confirmed that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Will release sometime in 2022.

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