Someone help this Deathloop actor secure a PS5

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Deathloop arrives on PC and PS5 tomorrow, and its lead actor has no way of playing it.

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If you’re diving into Arkane’s Deathloop tomorrow when it launches on September 14th, you’ll hear the voice of Jason Kelly as the protagonist Colt. Kelly would love to try out Deathloop for herself, especially after working on the game with Arkane, but as the video below attests, she can’t seem to get hold of one. PS5 Even to play the game in which he acts.

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Somebody, get this guy a PS5! In addition to noting the lack of a PS5, Kelly’s message is a lovely celebration of the project he’s spent so long working on finally making it a point for everyone in the world to enjoy, as players finally get to Blackreef Island. Will get the opportunity to play as a colt.


Deathloop may not be completely out in the woods right now, but our review is. in its full deathloop review, Josh West stated that “it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and it without reservation challenged my expectations, ultimately rewarding Arkane’s latest adventure with an astonishing 4.5/5 .

Deathloop may be the last game Arkane releases on a PlayStation console. The developer has already revealed its next game, Redfall, a multiplayer shooter where supernatural humans and vampires go head-to-head against each other, and it has been confirmed as an Xbox console, which will be released by Microsoft. Arcane follows the blockbuster acquisition of parent company Bethesda in 2020 last year. If Jason Kelly wants to play any arcane games in the future, he may not need a PS5 to do so.

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Check out the full range to see if your PC is ready to hand over Arkane’s latest offering Deathloop System Requirements for more information.

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