Both Excellent mario And Minecraft are milestones in the development of video games, with both franchises going down in history as some of the most successful in the industry. with a sealed copy of Mario 64 With the recent sales for an extraordinary amount, and the blocky universe produced by Mojang selling over 200 million copies, it’s clear that the game doesn’t need to be the most impressive, or have the biggest budget to do very well. needed. Keeping this in mind, a fan of both the games has managed to put the two together.

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Posting on Twitter a few days ago, a game programmer and modder who goes by Dylan is currently working on a project that brings Mario into the world. Minecraft. More specifically, the tweet states that it allows the work-in-progress open world sandbox title to actually run. Mario 64 device. Along with this, Dylan also uploaded a short clip that shows the polygonal plumber running around Minecraftof universe, interacting with the environment and even using its trademark N64 punch to attack the crowd.


At one point in the video, Mario even jumps into a portal to pick up the player. MinecraftThe lower area of, before finally entering the end portal to fight the Ender Dragon. Essentially, this mod seems to replace Steve with Nintendo’s champion mascot, in an impressive-looking add-on that sounds like a lot of fun to play. Sadly, an additional tweet later revealed that Dylan would not be making his mods available for public download. He says all he’s been able to do is, at the very least, posting “silly videos” showing what he’s doing in his own right. Minecraft/Mario 64 crossover

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The reason it won’t make it public is for Nintendo to crack down on a potentially unofficial add-on. Nintendo has been pretty brutal with DMCA takedowns in the past, removing hundreds of fan-made titles from game services like Game Jolt. It’s a bit of a shame that the modder can’t upload it so others can go their own way, but given the company’s propensity to remove unlicensed content, many would understand his reasoning.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from recreating Mario elements using the blocky game’s own building mechanics. Earlier this year, a fan was able to recreate super mario bros. inside Minecraft, especially World 1-1. This faithful entertainer added every feature from the level, including 1-up and fire flower. This kind of fan creation, along with Dylan’s mods, which unfortunately won’t be playable by anyone else, show just how much the world is. Minecraft And mario Seems to fit together well.

Minecraft Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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