Last week, Nintendo announced that it would be adding classic Nintendo 64 games to its lineup on the Nintendo Switch Online library. Perhaps in the spirit of that, commanding the deepest depths of his psyche, in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season, or for some other unfathomable reason, a fan decided to create a truly awesome take on the retro console’s iconic controller.

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With the revelation that several retro games from the Nintendo 64 era will join the ranks of Nintendo Switch Online, it’s little surprise that there’s renewed interest in the console and its hardware. Most obviously, the interest lies in the console’s unconventional controller. One fan took the “unconventional” to a whole new level with his creation.


Posted on Twitter by user @evanjmillar with the simple caption of “good morning,” it’s definitely something on the Nintendo 64’s controller that’s either already seen in their nightmares, or if they didn’t. If so, this image might do the trick. Judging by the follow-up comment by the poster, it doesn’t look like he created the controller himself. Instead, if the comments section is to be believed, the controller one was created by ‘Michael Adams’ and posted to a Facebook crafting group. sorry the helpful commenter didn’t clarify Who It may have been posted on a Facebook group, but at least this ocular creation has a name.

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While it is likely to give a shiver, the craftsmanship is undeniable. It is fully committed to the horror of the body of its base covered with a D-pad made of teeth and covered with a flesh-like substance that glistens unnecessarily. But perhaps the best feature are the buttons, made to be always on alert and without blinking eyes. They’re also the true color of the Nintendo 64 controller buttons, which shows great attention to detail.

Comments emerged from the Twitter post, revealing that even the face of a scary thing at least retains people’s sense of humour. “I would hate to see the Z button” stunned one user. “Does it plug into my spine?” considered the other. There were more than a few clever names for the device, with one user referring to it as “Nintendonomicon”. Playing any Nintendo 64 Classic on it will definitely be an interesting experience.

A particularly prevalent reaction was bringing forth ExistenceA science fiction horror film released in 1999, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law. In the film, a game designer finds himself the target of several assassins while playing a virtual reality game of his own creation. The film received modest acclaim, and was also nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film, although it lost the award. math question.

There’s an offensive appeal to watching creation, even if it’s not usually one’s taste. Maybe someone wants to admire the craftsmanship involved in this frightening display, or maybe they just want something to get them in the mood for spooky weather. Whatever the reason, it definitely suits the season.

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