Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (Or sound 06) is often the part of franchise-related jokes, as many see it as one of its lowest points. In-spite of this sound 06Of burning issues, some fans think it deserves a second chance. While Sega is more or less distancing itself from this failure, the game’s problems are worth something in fixing. This was the basis for a fan to completely remake the game, improving its gameplay under the title Project 06.

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Project 06 full remake of sound 06 Using the Unity game engine created by ChaosX2006. The game’s first demo was released a few years ago, which only included all of Sonic’s stages in the game. While the main gameplay of Project 06 Remains the same as the original, it aims to give fans a more rigid and smoother game play experience. It all ranges from shortening the length of the loading screen to enhancing the presentation with remastered visuals. This latest release of the game’s demo includes not only Sonic’s stages, but Shadow the Hedgehog’s unique campaign stages as well.


Shadow is Sonic’s darker double and rival, and has its own story campaign. sound 06. His campaign revolves around an ancient evil known as Mayfiles the Dark. The levels are similar in structure as the other two starring playable hedgehogs, but the main difference is that Shadow has a greater emphasis on both the combat and vehicle sections. These include using jet gliders and motorbikes that can take down enemies. While these sections were originally short, Project 06 Smooths them out for being very quick in speed and flow.

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Project 06 Also brings additional features and content to the game. This includes short cutscenes and additional animations in between stages. treasury-sensitive signaling system from sonic adventure 2 Is seen when Rouge is looking for a key at a later stage. Another notable improvement a . sees another mechanic from of sound Game added, as lock-on homing attack reticle appears from some recent games.

The response to this demo has been incredibly positive, with many fans being hyped for this remake. The added materials, newly implemented mechanics, and ironed out issues were all met with praise. The demo contains only Sonic and Shadow levels in Trial Campaign mode, so there are no story cutscenes to tie the stages together other than the opening cinematic. There are currently no boss battles in the game, as this fan game is still in development. However, this kind of dedication shows that even the worst of sound The game deserves a remake in the eyes of some fans.

Project 06The demo is available to play on PC.

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