Sony could host a ‘pretty big’ State of Play in February

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Rumors are swirling that a PlayStation State of Play event could be coming in February. Not only this, it is said that this could be a bigger event than the recent outings.

insider tom henderson (via The Gamer) tweeted that a State of Play event could be coming in February. What’s more, it is said that it could be “significantly bigger” than its recent outing, which doesn’t actually include any blockbuster announcements.

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Of course, Henderson is only referencing a rumour, but he’s a fairly reliable source when it comes to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 2042.

There is even more speculation about Sony hosting another State of Play event from other sources. account ngt, which is also quite credible for Sony-related leaks, has also mentioned an imminent state of play. in answer to the question, “Any news about the PlayStation event earlier this year?”, the account said: “It’s coming, I’ll have a lot of information to give when it’s announced.”

If another State of Play event happens, the timeline will make sense given that the last one was back in October. In addition, Sony organized one in late February 2021. If the schedule on these is somewhat cyclical, these rumors will seem to add up.

Analysis: Is 2022 PlayStation’s big year?

State of Play news heats up after rumors of E3’s alleged demise. Sony hasn’t been a part of E3 since 2018, where it held its last official press conference around the event. That being said, with the sanctioned summer event coming down, it looks like the company may be spreading its news more evenly throughout the year.

With that happening, news of a big state game isn’t as surprising. This could be a big year for Sony in terms of releases and possible announcements.

Horizon: Forbidden West is scheduled for February, which would align well with the proposed state of the art play date. On top of that, God of War: Ragnarok still hasn’t made a full appearance and it’s due out this year. Gran Turismo 7 is due to land this year as well. That means nothing to say about the prospect of seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as well as Marvel’s Wolverine before the year ends.

There’s also a small case for the recently announced PSVR 2, which could launch this year. It looks like this is going to be a big year for Sony when it comes to first party releases and announcements, and as a result we expect to see bigger, more exciting State of Play events in 2022. Here’s hoping the rumored rendition comes out next month.

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