Between the bots eating the sale and the scalpers charging the absurd price, PS5 It has been very difficult to achieve since its launch in 2020. Those who stayed may be in luck, however, as a new Sony promotion is giving many people a special chance to buy the PS5.

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The past 18 months have been anything but normal, with the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changing daily life and industries around the world. These changes resulted in outlets such as gaming being used by many more people, but subsequently, the production of chips and console hardware decreased. While there have been some PS5 restocks through PS Direct, Amazon, Target, and other digital retailers, more often than not, these units are quickly purchased by bots that act faster than any regular human. There’s been some success lately, though, with places like Best Buy holding in-store PS5 sales events where those who were willing to tie up the elements could finally get the console.


Sony has created a new page on the PlayStation website giving fans a possible opportunity to buy a PS5. By following the prompts on this website, including signing-in or creating a PlayStation ID, users can “register for the opportunity to purchase a PS5 console from the PlayStation.” According to Sony, the company will only have a limited number of PS5 units available for US customers to purchase directly from PlayStation itself. Like how PlayStation handles its PS Direct invite process, lucky registrants will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase a PS5.

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register for purchase ps5

PlayStation provides an FAQ along with some more information about this promotion. Regarding who is selected for the invitation, Sony writes cryptically, “Our selection is based on past interests and PlayStation activities.” In addition, Sony will send invitations to those it selects in November 2021, those who do not receive invitations will not be selected. Importantly, receiving an invite still doesn’t guarantee a PS5 console purchase, as each invite is open for a limited time, meaning a certain number of units are available to those who need it on a first-come, first-served basis. Contrary to nature was chosen. PS Direct Queue.

Overall, the hype will certainly get a lot of people PS5 consoles ready for this holiday season, though it will also disappoint those who apply and don’t receive invitations. As long as invitees follow the reservation instructions, it seems they are guaranteed consolation. The worst case scenario would then be to invite and skip the time slot assigned for console purchases. Other places will likely be restocking the PS5 this holiday season, but this may be the best chance most people are actually going to get snagging one. PS5 for now.

Source: Play Station

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