Sony PS5 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X: Best high-end game console for 2021

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As the one-year anniversary of the PS5 and Xbox Series X approaches, competition between the console kings remains fierce. While the base hardware remains the same (separately internal cooling tweaks In some new PS5 units), the new software update contains additional features, such as more storage options And Extended Cloud Gaming Access.

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This should come as little comfort to scores of gamers who still can’t find one of these consoles in stock. While the reduction was expected during the initial launch, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still difficult to obtain, and this reduction is expected to continue through the holidays of the 2021 season. The key is to stay abreast of restock alerts, so keep an eye on us PS5 Restock Tracker Or Xbox Series X Restock Tracker – or see if you can snag an equally hard to get hello infinite xbox series x.

There are other options as well. Nintendo update OLED-screen Switch coming in October, And if you can find one, $300 . Is xbox series, which is Series X. shortened version of Intended for 1440p gameplay instead of 4K.


This chapter on the consolation wars is particularly important. not because 4K-and-beyond-resolution video Or should features ray-traced audio for a more natural sound, but because the gaming landscape is more complex and fragmented since the previous generation of boxes came out.

PS5 review: Exclusive game power for Sony’s space-age console

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in addition to competing with pcConsoles are now facing challenges from new hardware-free cloud gaming services such as google stadiumhandjob Amazon Luna And Nvidia GeForce Now, As well as Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming. In part, they’re worth your time for mobile game-subscription services like . also compete with apple arcade.

Both platforms made a huge leap in power over their predecessors. They are based on an almost identical AMD Zen 2 architecture processor and AMD Radeon new-generation graphics processors with 16 GB of memory. They both support ray-tracing, decompression acceleration, whizzy new proprietary SSD implementations, and more.

design-wise, PS5 is predominantly white, slim and curvy (Who Sony’s PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Calls “Bold, Courageous and Future-Facing”), whereas The Xbox Series X is a boxy, black tower. But both consoles have a similar total volume, about 447 cubic inches for the PS5, while the chunky Xbox Series X is about 432 cubic inches.

Xbox Series X review: Game Pass is the secret weapon

Since its November 2020 launch, Sony has leaned into platform-exclusive games like Ratchet and Clank: Apart from the Rift And returnal, while Microsoft continues to expand its Xbox Game Pass Catalog, which includes access to new games like The Ascent, Outriders and the upcoming Halo: Infinite.

Sony has also opened up storage options for the PS5, previously allowing PS5 games to be stored (but not played) from an external SSD, and more recently Unlocking the system’s internal M.2 slot For you to set up your own secondary internal drive. However, like pacifying oneself, Best M.2 Drive Alternatives for PS5 Hard to find in stock.

Below is an updated specs comparison along with key takeaways from each platform.


playstation 5

xbox series x


8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2-Architecture CPU up to 3.5GHz

8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2-Architecture CPU at 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT)


AMD Navi/rDNA 2-Family GPU with 36 cu in 2.23 GHz (10.3TFLOPS, FP Unit Unknown)

AMD Navi/RDNA 2-Family GPU with 52 CUs at 1.825GHz (12TFLOPS FP32)

video memory

16GB GDDR6 with 256-bit interface (448GB/sec)

16 GB GDDR6 with 14 Gbps 320-bit interface (6 GB at 560 Gb/s allocated to GPU, 6 Gb at 336 Gb/s allocated to the rest of the system with 3.5 Gb for GPU)


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