Sony has been filing patents for it in recent months playstation 5 hardware and software. All of these give an indication of what the company has in store to improve its services and technology in the future. Some of the patents filed recently by Sony include a multi-GPU system for cloud gaming, which aims to enhance graphical capabilities when playing cloud games on its PlayStation system. The latest patents filed by Sony are also for the PlayStation console, which revolves around the PS5 and its faceplate.

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While the PS5 has been a success since its launch last year, there are some fans who aren’t the biggest fans of the console’s design. Smooth white has been the default color for it since its launch, with no additional colors or official custom faceplates available since then. With Sony not providing official options for what can be placed on the console, others have launched their own PS5 faceplate makers with additional colors and designs. These have usually ended with Sony threatening legal action to shut down these manufacturers.


A year after Sony threatened legal action against these tech makers, a new patent document from the company was published at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a “decorative design for a cover for an electronic device” with images of the PS5 and the cover from several different angles. Some are speculating that the patent is meant to prevent other third-party companies from making custom faceplates.

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PS5 Face Plate Patent

While third parties can no longer manufacture the PS5 faceplate, there are some who are speculating that this patent is for a different reason. The main theory currently floated by fans is that Sony may be considering a swappable faceplate of its own. This may result in faceplates themed after some of its games. This is once again speculation, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

It is currently unclear whether Sony will use this patent to manufacture its own PS5 faceplate, or if it will attempt to block other companies from producing their own. Some of these third-parties, notably dbrand, have been steadfast in their own production, even defensively responding to ceasefires and amputated removals sent to them during production. Either way, fans who want to customize their playstation 5 This may be an easy or a difficult time depending on how the patent is used.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office (Via PlayStation Lifestyle,

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