When the color options were very limited PS5 First came out, and the same was true for all of its hardware and accessories. The entire line was composed of an attractive two-tone color scheme, and this caused some division among fans. While some favored the bold black and white design, others found it a bit overbearing. Since then, alternate color schemes for the DualSense controller have been released to much positive reception, and those colors are now being branched out into other accessories for the console. Sony recently revealed the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset in Midnight Black.

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Midnight Black is, as it sounds, an all-black color variant for the DualSense controller and now the Pulse 3D wireless headset. This is in place of the black and white that comes on these devices by default. According to the official PlayStation Blog, the new color for the PS5 headset will hit retailers next month. This PS5 comes with a firmware update that adds new functionality to the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.


The update is notable for adding a new equalizer control feature to the PS5, allowing players to fine-tune their auditory gaming experience with great precision. For players who don’t fancy themselves sound engineers, there are also three helpful presets to help get started. The Standard option will make the necessary changes to support 3D audio, but the other two presets are more specialized. Bass Boost will amplify the volume of low frequencies, and Shooter Mode will make it easier for players to hear and pinpoint footsteps and the location of gunshots.

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While this new color might be exciting to those who wanted a headset in Midnight Black, other players may have preferred a different color. The good news is that this could mean that other colors like Cosmic Red may soon be coming to the Pulse Wireless 3D headset. This also applies to other colors and other pieces of hardware. This is purely speculation, but players may soon see more options for PS5 accessories.

An exact release date isn’t available yet, but players can already pre-order the Midnight Black Pulse Wireless 3D Headset for $99.99. It’s the same price as the standard white version, so players won’t have to pay a premium for the new color. Sony has yet to make a statement regarding its plans for additional colors in the near future. It is expected that more details about the Pulse Wireless 3D Headset will come soon.

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